2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season has arrived and it is officially that time of year, gift giving season.  We’ve found some great gift ideas as we’ve traveled up and down the East Coast this fall.  Here are our top recommendations.


I’m the queen of “give me something that sparkles”, and if it has a plug, you really don’t know me at all.  But, I am adding this as my number one gift because it has changed my day-to-day life.  These chemical-free cleaning cloths are amazing.  They work, period.  Just add water.

EasyXplorer Travel Tray
We never leave home without these trays.  These trays are a great way to provide screen-free entertainment.  They’re a must-have for young families. Use code TODDLIN18 for an exclusive discount.

Qalo Silicone Rings and Teethers
You can read more about them here.  These are great for traveling families that prefer to leave their valuables at home.  They are stylish and durable.  Also, my littlest loves the teethers.

Tod 6.jpg

iPlay ILearn Music Activity Cube
My little clan loves this toy.  In fact, they fight over it.  It plays real jazz riffs, has a working karaoke microphone, and volume control (mom win).

Kidzland Deluxe Toolkit
We’re in “fix it” mode before the house hits the market next week, and the kids love that they can pretend to fix everything right beside their dad.  The working drill is so fun, and it is small and portable for traveling tribes like ours.


This is the coolest subscription service ever.  Each month, you text 10 or more photos to NanaGram.  They print them out and mail them to the ones you love the most.  It is such a great gift for grandparents and great-grandparents who don’t spend their days scrolling through Instagram and Facebook.


Orboot Interactive Globe
We play with this educational toy almost every day.  The kids have learned a ton about animals, food, culture, and so much more.  Read all about it here.

A vacation
Obviously, this is my real #1 recommendation.  This holiday season, try collecting memories instead of things.  You won’t regret it!

Feel free to browse our site for toddler-friendly destination and attraction recommendations. It might help you choose the next great memory you’ll be making with your family and friends.

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