3 Reasons The Night Lights Sky Lantern Festival Should be on Your Bucket List

We’re doing our best to collect moments together instead of things. When my hubby asked what I wanted for my birthday this year, I said I wanted to do something we’d never done before. I usually head to Instagram for experience inspiration, and that’s where I found the sky lantern festival. Here are 3 reasons you should buy tickets ASAP.


  1. Because it is a bucket list kind of experience

The Nights Lights Sky Lantern Festival is just plain cool. For a family like ours, we aren’t going to head to Thailand anytime soon to attend an event like this, so it was pretty awesome when we found one closer to home. The day is full of family-friendly activities, music and food. It is also full of something almost indescribable. As you look around, people are writing and drawing on their lanterns, adding precious thoughts and prayers to send off into the night sky.


  1. You will create lifelong memories

My kids are little and a lot of people question why we travel if they won’t remember. Here’s the thing, we will. We’ll always have these moments in our hearts, and we’ll also have these photos to share over the years. Even my tiny ones are still asking about the “light festival” and where our lanterns went. I love that it made such an impact on them. I’m blessed that this is how we celebrated my 38th birthday together.


  1. When is the last time you were in awe?

Seriously, I’ll wait. When?!? It had been a while for me before we lifted our lanterns into the sky. In that moment, with thousands of twinkling wishes floating off, I was in awe. I imagine we’ll have experiences that inspire this feeling again, but for now, this tops my list. Thousands of people attended the festival, some got engaged, a few relived past memories from previous festivals and we made awe-inspiring new ones.

Add this one to your list! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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