3 Tips to Get Your Preschooler to Drink Water with Primo

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It’s that time of year – Back to School – and my Littles are starting preschool (cue all the mom tears). Fall brings lots of activities and a pretty full calendar. That means our daily routines tend to fall apart a bit. Sometimes, I forget to remind my kids to drink water throughout the day. I thought I’d share the fun ways I get them to drink up and stay hydrated and healthy.

  • Fun ice shapes

Yes, freezing ice into hearts, stars and dinosaurs is the perfect way to encourage your kids to drink water. They’ll love to watch the fun shapes float around. My kids like to fish them out and munch on them too.

  • Give them their own fun cup

Buy one with all the bells and whistles or silly characters or whatever works for your kiddos. They will love sipping icy goodness from their very own special cup. I like to hang mine from a little hook on the fridge so they can reach it all by themselves.

  • Teach them to serve themselves

This one is an easy one in our house. We have a Primo hTRIO Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Single Serve Coffee K-cup® Machine Built-In, and the kids love to fill up their own cups. We redid the playroom to make it more preschool friendly, and we put the Primo dispenser by their reading area.

I love our Primo dispenser.  It is so easy to refill our empty 5-gallon bottles at our local Walmart. Use the store locator on the website to find a location closest to you. It’s super easy and affordable. Use a non-spill cap to make transporting easier and eliminate spills.

After I get it home, the kids love to help me install the bottle.

It makes me so happy to know we’re saving 1,100 single-use bottles by refilling our 5-gallon bottle. It also makes me happy to know my kids will drink more water with it right at their fingertips. It is so important for them to stay hydrated so their little brains and bodies can perform at the highest levels. And, it makes me happy knowing that I’m giving my kids the very best. Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process to significantly reduce the presence of chlorine and chlorine by-products, bacteria and parasites, heavy metals (including lead and mercury), and many more contaminants.

Let me know how these tips work for you and your Littles. And, please share any tips you have.

This post was sponsored by Primo.

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