That First Concert Experience at Wolf Trap Children’s Theater in Vienna, VA

I’ll admit, I was so excited to take my oldest Littles to their first concert ever.  Every summer, Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA opens their Children’s Theater-in-the-Woods to little music-lovers.  It is such a cool place.  Everyone walks down the hill, across an old wooden bridge over a babbling creek and into a shady clearing with rows of rustic benches. 

The staff is so friendly, and they loved taking my little concert goers tickets.  The walk was actually pretty long for little legs, but they were so excited on the way down, they didn’t even notice.  They were miserable on the way back up the hill.  There is a stroller parking area if your kids aren’t the best walkers. 

The music was pretty loud at first, so it took my kids a while to get comfortable.  After that, they really got into it.  There was twisting, stomping, drum playing and big ol’ smiles.  The Sugarfree Allstars were a super fun band.  Their version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider stole the show for us.  I’m still hearing about it!  

I thought that we’d probably end up leaving early, but they kept the show to around 30 minutes, so it was just right.  Be sure to check out their schedule and the recommended ages for each performance.  I’d love to hear about the bands/acts you see. 


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