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  • 5 Reasons to Skip the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge

    No, I’m not a nature hater. My whole family loves hiking and enjoying the outdoors. So, when I heard about the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge, I jumped in headfirst. I downloaded the tracking app and added a minimum of 3 hours of outside time to our daily plans. Soon, I learned that this challenge didn’t inspire us to be outside more. Keep reading to discover why we opted out of the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge. 

    The Weather

    After reading There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, I felt convicted to keep my kids outside in the rain, sleet, sun and snow, no matter what. Here’s the thing, my kids don’t like being outdoors in all sorts of weather. Sometimes, they do, and sometimes they don’t, but I started removing that choice in favor of hitting our 1000 hours outside goal. It turned into whining, complaining and zero fun for any of us. Since we stopped tracking our time outside, my kids go out in all sorts of weather when they want to go, but I don’t force it.  

    Nature vs. Screens

    If you’ve researched the movement, you know many children spend way more time looking at screens than outside. We don’t. In our house, we like TV sometimes; otherwise, we’re always doing something other than screen time. So, we’re meeting that goal in different ways. And screens aren’t the enemy. But, screen addiction is the enemy. Also, I don’t want my kids thinking they have to go outside. I want them to love going outside.  

    The Stress

    As a working homeschool mom of three, I’m all full up when it comes to stress and expectations. Are they learning what they need to know? Do they get enough time with friends? Are they active enough? Great! Let’s add, do they spend 1000 hours outside every year? No thanks. I don’t need another box to check or an app notification to check. Thankfully, I’ve been able to let outside time happen organically, and we’re all a little calmer for it. 

    The Love

    I love being outside. I grew up camping and hiking and swimming in lakes. My heart needs the sun, sand, dirt and breeze. That’s what I want for my kids. I don’t want them to think about being outside as another goal to meet. I want them to fall in love with family time by a fire and tiny ants scurrying across the patio. I hope the outdoors fills them with joy. 

    The Trend

    Last but not least, I’m over the trends. There’s always something shiny and new to chase. Is that really how we want our kids to grow up? If they’re always going after something trendy, they’ll miss out on the tried-and-true gifts we’ve all been enjoying for thousands of years. Nature isn’t new, and it isn’t trendy. It’s God’s gift for all of us to steward and enjoy. We don’t need a timer to enjoy it. 

    Give yourself permission to skip the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge. Instead, just enjoy your time together in nature. You might end up outside more than you ever imagined when you all crave it naturally. 

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    Find the Best Homeschool Discounts in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

    Homeschool families love to vacation during the off-season. This year, we took our fall trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We planned to hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but we got rained out all week long. So I had to think fast to make sure all of us enjoyed our week away. To my surprise, Pigeon Forge is a super homeschool-friendly town. Almost everywhere we went offered a homeschool discount, and we learned so much together while we had a ton of fun.

    Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

    Of course, we wanted to visit this award-winning aquarium from the start. The aquarium offers many educational opportunities for homeschool families. Your crew can explore the different exhibits throughout the facility, participate in daily lab activities or attend monthly educational programs. Thankfully, Ripley’s franchise offers discounts at all the local attractions, not just the aquarium.

    Homeschool Rates:

    • Aquarium
      • Student & immediate minor siblings living in the household $10.99+tax per person
      • Teaching Parents $19.99+tax per person
      • Children 2-5 $6.00+tax per child
    • Believe It or Not!: $15.00+tax
    • Mirror Maze: $6.00+tax
    • Haunted Adventure: $9.00+tax
    • Super Fun Zone Laser Tag: $9.00+tax
    • Super Fun Zone Indoor Mini-Golf: $7.00+tax
    • Davy Crockett mini golf: $9.00+tax
    • Old MacDonald mini golf: $9.00+tax
    • Moving Theater: $9.00+tax

    Don’t forget to bring one of the following: a Letter of Intent, Attendance Report, School ID.

    Pro tip: I print our school IDs through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.


    On day two, we decided to check out WonderWorks for one of their homeschool days offered from September through November. This family-friendly museum has 100+ hands-on exhibits everyone will love. My kids had so much fun, but they were bummed they didn’t meet the height requirements for most of the more physical exhibits. 

    • Homeschool Rate – $12.00+tax per person

    We happened to visit on Teacher Appreciation Day. On those days, a teacher and guest get in for free, and everyone else in the group gets in for $10.00+tax. It was packed, though! I wouldn’t recommend visiting on these days unless you’re good with crowds and long lines. Either way, everyone will love this fantastic museum.

    Parrot Mountain

    My oldest daughter loves birds. She told me she wants to be a “bird doctor” when she grows up. So, of course, we had to visit Parrot Mountain during our stay. My kiddos enjoyed the cages filled with gorgeous birds, but the bird feeding areas and the baby bird nursery won her heart in every way. If I’m honest, I’m not a huge bird person, but watching my little ones’ faces light up made my day. Of course, Parrot Mountain doesn’t offer a big discount, but every little bit helps, right?

    • Homeschool Rate: Call for the current rate

    This place is the ultimate rainy day spot for your kids to burn off some serious energy after a morning full of worksheets. They have big and little kid ninja warrior courses, trampolines, dodgeball courts, and so much more. There is a concession stand on-site, but you can bring in outside food.

    • Homeschool Rate: $10.00+tax for one hour

    OK, I’m throwing this one in here without a discount offer, but bear with me. You don’t want to miss this stop with your family. It is a blast! Pigeon Forge Snow is the only indoor snow tubing facility of its kind in the United States. I was worried it was too fast for my little kids, but they loved every minute of it. My husband and I went down at least ten times too.

    We couldn’t see it all in a week, so I’ll include a list of the other places we missed that offer a homeschool discount.


    Special Rates are available to homeschool students & families during Homeschool Days at Dollywood from August through September.

    Reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance by calling 888-428-6789. Payment in full must be made at the time of reservation. Homeschool tickets are not available for purchase at the front gate.

    • Homeschool Rate:
      • Child’s ticket: $37.00+tax
      • Adult tickets are $47.00+tax
      •  Splash Country: child and adult tickets: $37.00+tax
      • Dreammore Resort: $120.00+tax per night

    Alcatraz East

    Homeschoolers and parents can explore the history of American Crime, Law Enforcement & Forensic Science at a discounted rate!

    • Homeschool Rate: $12.00+tax


    • The rate is available only on weekdays when school is in session.
    • These special promotional rates cannot be combined with other discounts or offers and are not valid holidays.

    Titanic Museum

    History, science, geography, language and social studies are fun to learn when boys and girls participate in the “teacher-approved” Titanic Scavenger Hunt at the World’s Largest Titanic Museum Attraction.

    • Homeschool Rate: $13.00+tax

    Comment below and let me know if you found additional homeschool discounts in the area. I’d love to add them to this list!

  • Hidden Rock Scrambling Hikes the Whole Family Will Love

    Hikes that scramble over rocks, around giant boulders and through crevices can be some of the most adventurous and fun for kids. Little ones are often natural climbers, and nature’s playgrounds are fun for the whole family. Grab your sturdy hiking shoes and keep scrolling for our favorite scrambles in the DC area.

    Sunrise Trail, Sugarloaf Mountain, Dickerson, Maryland

    A one-mile hike up and back to an epic view makes this scramble worth every rock. My little ones are 4, 4 and 3 years old, and they made up this path on their own, but not without a few skinned knees. The hike is shady all the way to the top, and the overlook is nothing short of breath-taking. Stop at the family-friendly winery at the bottom of the mountain when you’re finished. 

    Devil’s Den, National Military Park, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

    Trust me; this one is worth the drive. Yes, you can hike around the military park and take a self-guided tour for tons of civil war history, but we spent our entire afternoon scrambling around Devil’s Den. The central rock outcropping is full of climbing spots and dark crevices to explore, but there are lots of other little places to hop around too. The area is in full sun so keep that in mind when you plan your visit. 

    Burnt Mills Park East, Silver Spring, Maryland   

    The hike is fantastic if your crew is up for it. We didn’t make it very far because my kids wanted to climb the huge rocks and splash around in the water. Personally, I couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous waterfall. We enjoyed our picnic on the rocks too. Save this hike for fall because the leaf-peeping is incredible. Park West is just across the street, and there is a picturesque dam to see there too.   

    Cunningham Falls State Park, Cliffs Trail, Thurmont, Maryland

    We chose the upper falls trail at 1.4 miles to take in all the rocks. There aren’t many rocks to climb up and over, but the trail itself is a moderate scramble to the falls. I’ve heard there are quite a few scramble hikes in the area. We’ll have to go back to find some more. 

    Weverton Cliffs, Knoxville, Maryland

    Again, this isn’t a climbing trail as much as a moderate hike full of rocks to scramble over. The views are worth the effort, and there is plenty of shade to keep you cool on your way to the top. My little ones didn’t make it all the way up on a hot summer day, so we’re planning to try again on a chilly fall morning.  

    Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park, Leesburg, Virginia

    I would save this hike for warm weather because you’ll miss some great scrambling if you can’t get through the water. Don’t be turned off by the walk through the golf course; the area is beautiful down by the river, and the hike is very little kid-friendly. Pack a change of clothes just in case splashing turns to sitting in the water. 

    Worth the Drive: White Rocks Trail, Boiling Springs, PA

    About 1 mile in, you’ll come to a pretty big scramble, and I highly recommend you get everybody to the top. The view is absolutely amazing. I knew we wouldn’t do this entire 2.9-mile out and back trail, but I’m so glad we made it to this overlook spot. We even ate our picnic at the top so we could keep on enjoying the view together.

    We still have a list of places we want to visit. I’ll update the list as we get to each one.

    • Bear’s Den
    • Billy Goat Trail, Great Falls
    • C&O Lock 10
    • Carderock Recreation Area

  • Go Glamping in Mill Creek, Pennsylvania

    Vacation plans have gone from plan A to plan B (or even C) in a hurry, but what is plan B? Hotels are iffy at best with all the safety concerns, and rentals pose the same problem. How about a fresh air option with all the comforts of home? Airydale Retreat is the answer for your next family vacation.

    Glamping is the perfect introduction to camping because they take care of the hard part – setting up camp. We stayed at the Cardinal Glampsite. It is a family-sized tent with a slide attached. How cool is that?

    Our family of five had plenty of room. The queen-sized bed was super comfy and all of the linens were waiting for us (queen sheets, quilt, pillows, washcloths and towels). The twins slept on the bunk bed cots, and we brought a twin-sized air mattress for our youngest. We packed linens and pillows for those beds. Even in the dead of summer, with 90-degree days, it was pretty chilly at night. We ended up at a local store buying extra blankets.

    The owner of Airydale Retreat thought of everything. We had pots and pans, non-stick cooking spray, dishwashing tubs and drying racks, dish soap, dish towels, fresh water, a single extension cord, cooking and eating utensils, mugs, Coleman stove, firewood, kindling, picnic table, matches, coffee, percolator, cooler, lanterns, hotdog and marshmallow roasting sticks, basic first aid kit, a bar of eco-friendly soap, children’s books and two anti-gravity chairs on the deck. We also had bins for trash, recycling and compost.

    We packed clothes, food, toiletries and ice. That’s it!

    Our View

    Just steps away from the glampsite, there is a huge outdoor shower with hot water and a well-maintained porta-potty. I was able to take all three kids into the shower to wash them off. It was fast and easy.

    The area around the retreat is beautiful and very rural. We found a grocery store, ice cream stand, convenience store (be sure to visit Ye Olde Cheese Shoppe – they have ice too) and a farm that sells raw milk. Other than that, you’ll have to drive at least 30 minutes for much else.

    Most importantly, we spent three wonderful unplugged days together. The kids dug for bugs and got super dirty. We chatted over firepit coffee and s’mores. We made amazing memories together, and we’re already planning to go back.

    Trough Creek State Park – Copperas Rock

    If you are looking for fun places to hike and explore, both Greenwood Furnace and Trough Creek State Parks are great options.

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    3 Reasons to Book a Farm Stay Now

    While farmers markets bring fresh food to you, farm stays invite guests to the farm to experience the lifestyle – for a night, for a weekend, or more. But why vacation on a farm? Here are our top 3 reasons to pack up the family and head out to the country.

    Connect with nature

    Where else can you snuggle a baby chick, hand feed a goat, practice your best turkey call and eat under a gorgeous shade tree? Your family can do all of that and more when you vacation on a farm.

    PandA Homestead in Capron, Virginia

    Our family has enjoyed quite a few farm stay vacations, and I’ve never felt more relaxed and more connected to nature. There is nothing like the up-close experience of taking care of the animals, learning about where your food comes from and spending truly intentional family time together.

    Pine Ridge Dude Ranch in Kerhonkson, New York

    Connect with the animals

    This isn’t a typical day at the zoo. Your kiddos will get to care for, ride on and play with their new furry and feathered friends. We’ve watched our children grow in confidence and learn so much from our farm stay adventures. They respect and love the animals they’ve met. They also know exactly where their food comes from.

    Connect with each other

    Family time is precious. Family time away from grind is priceless. A farm stay allows your family to spend time together learning, playing and connecting like never before.

    Blue Hill Farm in Boyce, Virginia

    Some of our favorite travel memories were created during our farm stays together. We do our best to unplug and take full advantage of the beauty around us. It is so fun to watch as our kids explore, get dirty and grow together. Also, our little ones aren’t into R-n-R like we are and it is so nice to have lots to do right outside our front door.

    PandA Homestead in Capron, Virginia

    Next time you sit down to plan your family vacation, visit Farm Stay USA and check out the family farms near you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • My Girl’s Weekend in Richmond, Virginia at The Jefferson Hotel

    Last weekend, we set off on a much-needed girl’s weekend – kid free.  I know I know, you’ll miss those adorable faces, I sure did, but the gorgeous hotel will make up for it, promise. We hope you enjoy this review of The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia!


    Our home away from home for the two nights we were in town was in the downtown Richmond area. The hotel itself is absolutely gorgeous. Visiting the hotel felt like stepping into a luxury time machine that transported me back to the early 1800s.  The opulent statue of Thomas Jefferson greeted me upon arrival as well as the kind and attentive staff.


    We stayed in a Grand Premier Guest Room with two queen beds, sitting area, dressing area, and a to-die-for bathroom with dual sinks and an in-mirror TV.


    Seriously, I need that bathroom in my life.


    The room was spacious, comfortable and well-appointed with everything we could have ever needed.  I mean, a mama needs her Nespresso machine, right?


    Another bonus was the location. It is in the heart of downtown Richmond, and the complimentary shuttle can take you just about anywhere in the downtown area. The area is packed full with perfect little restaurants and cafes to start your girl’s weekend off right.


    No girl’s weekend is complete without a little room service and breakfast in bed.  We decided that vacation calories don’t count and went for all the breakfast goodness.  Top that off with one of the fluffy robes, and I think I found heaven on earth.


    I had no trouble enjoying my toddler-free morning in bed, but Susannah decided to take advantage of the fitness center and indoor pool.  To each her own, I guess.  Just kidding!


    We decided we eventually had to leave the hotel, so we drove over to Agecroft Hall.  It is a Tudor mansion right in the middle of Richmond.  It is kind of crazy, but T.C. Williams purchased the mansion in the UK, and after a long political debate, disassembled it, and sailed it back to Virginia.


    The home and gardens are stunning, and the history is super cool.  I highly recommend adding it to your “kid-free” list of things to do in the area.


    We ended up checking out the New York Deli for lunch and found ourselves in the midst of another amazing history lesson. Opening in 1929, and in its present location since 1934, the New York Deli is Richmond’s oldest (any maybe yummiest) restaurant.


    Be sure to bring a few dollar bills for the 50-year-old, black and white photobooth.  It is a great souvenir.


    We all had such a great time at The Jefferson Hotel. It is pure luxury and relaxation.

    You can learn more about this hotel in downtown Richmond, Virginia, and book a room or two here.

    The Jefferson Hotel hosted our stay in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own.

  • Top 8 Things to Know About Visiting Jurassic Quest with a Toddler

    If your little ones are anything like mine, they love dinosaurs.  Not like normal love, we’re talking complete obsession, total devotion, and unfailing dedication.  This love means we must visit every single dinosaur attraction that comes within 500 miles of our home.  Of course, we had to visit Jurassic Quest, and I am so glad we did.  It was toddler heaven and the stuff dreams are made of.


    Thank you, Jurassic Quest for hosting our family.  We had such a wonderful family day out with the dinosaurs.


    Here are the top 8 things to know about taking your toddler to Jurassic Quest.

    1. It is awesome – I’ve never seen a dinosaur exhibit like this one. There are over 80 true-to-life size dinosaurs.  You can ride on a huge T-rex, pet a baby Brachiosaurus, or marvel and a roaring Velociraptor.  Obviously, my kids went completely nuts.  But the adults were in awe too.  It is epic
    2. Dinosaur rides for all – I love that Jurassic Quest is for all ages. There are big dinosaur rides for kids over 3 feet tall and little dinosaur rides for tiny dinosaur lovers.  My oldest loved the T-Rex ride, and my youngest got to ride on a Lambeosaurus.  My oldest daughter wasn’t interested in waiting, so she decided to dig for fossils instead.
    3. Don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks – The exhibit graciously allows outside food, and we would have had “hangry” fits without it. They have onsite food options, but I was happy we had our own water bottles, pouches, and finger foods.  Goldfish Crackers were an excellent distraction while we waited in line.
    4. Pack the stroller – all of the Jurassic Quest venues are handicap and stroller accessible. We took our Zoe Triple Stroller, and we didn’t have any issues navigating the exhibit.  My Littlest is almost two, and she preferred the stroller over walking since it was pretty crowded.  It also helped me keep track of everyone.
    5. Bring socks – there are lots of bounce houses on the other side of the main dinosaur hall, and you will need socks for your little ones to hop in.
    6. Yes, there’s a gift shop – each Jurassic Quest event is at a different venue so they may not be exactly the same. In Chantilly, Virginia, there was a decent sized toy shop with tons of dinosaur toys to take home.  My kids loved the “pet” dinosaur ($15).  It is a balloon that hovers just above the ground and has a leash for your child to pull.  It is really cool.
    7. Lots of crowds and lines – Jurassic Quest is an extremely popular exhibit, and it often sells out. Just another example of how amazing it is.  With that comes a ton of people, lines and crazy excited little ones desperate to ride a dinosaur.  We arrived about 15 minutes before it opened and there was already a line to get in.  However, we didn’t wait more than 5 minutes to get in the exhibit, no more than 10 minutes for a dinosaur ride, and we walked right up to most of the little kid fun.  Jurassic Quest recommends arriving after 4 PM to miss some of the crowds.  Side note: I highly recommend heading over to the shows very early.  They were lined up 10 people deep, and it is difficult to see if you aren’t near the front.
    8. You can see it all before naptime – We arrived just before 9 AM, and we were all sitting at lunch by noon. I have no doubt you could spend a lot more time there, but we always try to sneak in a nap if we can.  My kids actually spent the most time digging for fossils (basically a huge sandbox).

    I highly recommend checking out Jurassic Quest with your family.  Be sure to buy tickets in advance, and stop at all of the amazing photo ops throughout the exhibit.  You’ll have some pretty awesome memories!



    Thank you, Deana Moreno Photography for these amazing family memories.  We’ll cherish them always.

    Thank you, Jurassic Quest for hosting our family.  We had a great day!

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  • Celebrating Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries While You’re on the Road

    Are you thinking about taking a trip? Are you spending time on the road? Whether you are taking a road trip or are flying across the world, there will be birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays if you’re gone for a significant amount of time. Your birthday could come up. A friend or family member might have a birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary of something. There might be important holidays. When you’re on the road, significant events and dates will arise. Below are some ways to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries while you are on the road.

    red caravan parked in campsite at night
    Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

    Plan Ahead of Time

    Of course, one of the most effective ways to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries when you’re away is to plan ahead of time. What is the occasion? What do you need to do for it? Should you buy a gift? Send a card? Make a phone call? Whatever is appropriate for the date can be determined before you leave. This requires you to look at the calendar before you leave, but you will be doing that anyways right? Planning of time goes hand in hand with traveling. Simply add these to-dos to your list of things to get done before you leave.

    Send Something from Where You Are

    Another great option for celebrating something while you are gone is to send an item from the place where you are traveling to the person you want to acknowledge. You could buy them something they like or an object that is completely exotic to them. Receiving a package from far away for your birthday, anniversary, or another event can be quite enjoyable. Simply find something on your travels and send it out. Shipping may be expensive, but it will be worth it to make a splash on the person’s special day. You could also bring it back and tell the person that you have something for them.


    A great way to show that you remembered and that you care is to send an electronic card. There are Ecards for just about any occasion. You can send JibJab birthday Ecards, Ecards for anniversaries, and Ecards for other holidays. Wherever you are in the world, buying an Ecard is a great way to show that you are thinking about someone and a specific event that has occurred. Holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays can all be acknowledged with an Ecard. Simply look at your options to find the right one. You will be happy that you did.

    Travel for the Occasion

    When you are planning a trip and realize that there is an occasion during the time you will be gone, what about making the vacation about the date or event? You can bring the right group, plan the perfect trip, and celebrate the event properly while you are gone. There are plenty of options for celebrations on a trip. You can go do a person’s favorite thing. You can plan something that represents the date. Planning a multigenerational trip provides an opportunity for the older to relate to the younger and perhaps describe the celebration to them in a meaningful way. When you have a significant date coming up, celebrate it with a trip somewhere.

    Lean Into the Way Locals Celebrate

    Finally, it’s always a good idea to do what the locals do. Whatever the occasion, you should lean into the way that locals celebrate a holiday or birthday. If you are abroad during Christmas, the traditions vary quite a bit from place to place. You should do your best to adapt to the place’s customs. Their traditions and outlook on specific holidays could change the way that you think about holidays in general. You could end up being a lot happier when they arrive.

    Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries are complicated. Everyone feels differently about them. Whether these events are important to you or not, celebrating while you are traveling can be a great way to change up the monotony. You can also find some great gifts because they will typically be foreign objects. Wherever you’re at in life, don’t let holidays get in the way of your travel. Plan ahead and you will likely end up with the best version of the event.

  • Five Good Investments for RV Living

    When you are thinking about living in your RV, there are plenty of things to consider. You should try to make it as enjoyable as possible while keeping it in your budget. There are so many upgrades you can make to your RV and investing in your life on the road can make all the difference. Whether you are interested in being entertained or want to create opportunities for spending more time outside comfortably, investing in your RV can be a great idea if you are living in it.


    One of the best things to invest in is a canopy. Shop on websites like instent.com for a tent that covers the side of your RV, providing the opportunity to hang out in the shade. You can use a canopy to cook and get out of the sun. Sit in a chair and enjoy the breeze. Wherever you are going, there is probably going to be some sun for you to avoid. When you are spending life on the road, it’s important to protect yourself but avoid spending too much time inside the RV.

    Entertainment System

    Another thing that will come in handy when you are living in your RV is an entertainment system. At night, after you have eaten, it’s dark out, and you’re finished stargazing, you might want to watch a movie. If you invest in an entertainment system, you can relax and enjoy yourself. You might think that you won’t use an entertainment system because you are living on the road and want to take in all the sights and sounds of your surroundings, but there will also be moments when you want to watch something and drift off into sleep. Whether you are in the middle of nowhere or are camping in Yellowstone, you will inevitably want to watch a movie.

    New Tires

    A great investment for any RV is a new set of tires. New tires will improve your gas mileage and provide better traction. Your RV will maneuver more accurately, and you will be able to cut down on how much gas you are putting in the RV. Not only will new tires save you some money, but you will also be a lot safer. When you are traveling around the country with your family, you want to ensure that everyone will be safe. You might be especially worried about your children. Tires are important, especially if you are driving around the country.  

    Outdoor Platform

    An outdoor platform is another investment that you can put onto your RV. With one of these outdoor attachments, you can cook outside, prep your ingredients, drink beers outside, and enjoy each other’s company. It is a great addition to any RV because it provides a place where you can hang out. You can pull up a chair and visit, whether you are working on something or not. You want to be able to enjoy your friends and family no matter where you are. Don’t stay cooped up in the RV, spread out and enjoy the landscape instead.

    Attachment Stove

    Finally, an accessory in your RV that will never get old is an outdoor attachment stove. Sure, you probably have a stove inside the RV, but cooking outdoors is much more enjoyable. Whether you are spending months in the RV or are only taking it for a week-long vacation, an attachment stove will make all the difference. You will enjoy cooking and eating together much more than if you are cramped into the RV. An attachment stove will change your view of eating on the road. You will be able to make better meals.

    Traveling in an RV can be both amazing and claustrophobic. It can be the best thing in the world, but it can also be a situation in which the people onboard get sick of each other. It is important to make yourselves comfortable, but also provide both the mental and physical space that can be difficult to come by in this situation.

    The five RV investments above are great ways to increase your enjoyment and make your experience the best it can be. Whether you are planning on living in your RV indefinitely or just for a few weeks, investing in your RV is worth it. 

  • The Best Resorts for Multigenerational Families

    We’ve been traveling with my mom since the twins were born. In other words, we’ve found the best resorts for multigenerational families and rounded up some advice for any family traveling with multiple generations. Of course, we don’t always stay in separate suites, but we always book an option with at least two rooms (with doors). And, all the adults on the trip must have comfortable sleeping options. No one wants to get stuck on the pull-out sofa, right? So, here we go! Keep reading for our list of the best multigenerational resorts.

    Orange Lake Resort – Kissimmee, Florida

    For starters, we still say this is one of the nicest villas we’ve ever stayed in. The two-bedroom villa setup is perfect for a multigenerational family. We did stick our kids on the pull-out couch, but they also slept on the second bed in the double bedroom. Both rooms offer en-suite bathrooms, and there’s tons of space in the open concept full kitchen, dining room and living area.

    You won’t find a better option as far as amenities and location. The resort boasts multiple pools with slides, lazy rivers, splash pads and scuba lessons. In addition, your kids can learn to swim like a mermaid (tail included) while you dine at one of the multiple poolside restaurants. Add to that, you’ll be a short drive from Walt Disney World, and you are all set for your next multigenerational vacation.

    Williamsburg Resort – Williamsburg, Virginia

    We celebrated my birthday at this resort, and my mom fell in love with the area and her private villa. We booked two villas for our family of six, and it was great for my mom. She was able to get away from the chaos of my kids whenever she needed a break. Also, we all loved the indoor pool and bowling alley.

    Downtown, we got to explore the living history that Williamsburg has to offer. My kids loved the old-fashioned candy store and the traditional hot chocolate. My mom enjoyed learning about the colonial era, and we all liked walking around the beautifully manicured area. Be sure to book a carriage ride early in the day. They sell out quickly.

    Holiday Hills Resort – Branson, Missouri

    My mom has ALWAYS wanted to go to Branson, so we decided to go as a family. The town is so much fun. You can take in a show or explore Silver City. There are even some pretty great outdoorsy options if you prefer. We hiked the Waterfall Trail and rented a boat to spend the day on Table Rock Lake.

    We booked two villas in Branson, and we had tons of space to spread out. The in-room laundry might have been my favorite amenity. My kids disagreed. They loved the indoor pool, and we spent hours splashing together. We aren’t golfers, but there’s a fantastic course on-site if you want to schedule a tee time.

    Country Cascades Waterpark Resort – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

    Yes, you’ll need to book multiple rooms at this resort. The website description says each room sleeps 6, but that is generous. Two beds and a pull-out sofa can make for a ROUGH night. We booked a separate room for my mom, and she was kind enough to let one of the kids sleep in her extra bed. It was a great setup.

    If you can get the sleeping arrangements set, then head outside to the fantastic waterpark. The zero-entry pool is perfect for little kids, and the slides will keep older kids entertained all day. When you are ready to explore the area, Pigeon Forge offers so much for young and old alike to enjoy. We loved the Pirates show and the Christmas shop.

  • ,

    The Best Bicycle for a Busy Mom

    We’ve become a family of cyclists. I can’t believe I just said that because I never thought it would be true. But we all love riding bicycles together, and I’ve been researching the best bike for the kids and me. Since I haven’t been riding that long, I was excited to find the Buzz Charter F folding electric bike. It gives me the extra help I need when my kids outride me and want to keep going. This is the perfect bike for any busy mom looking to get out and explore on two wheels.  

    So, why an electric bike

    1. It’s fun! – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked my husband to hang out with the kids while I grab a quick ride. Before I picked out my Buzz E-bike, I couldn’t go out for a quick ride very often because we live on a mountain. Fifteen minutes into a significant incline, and I was exhausted. Now I can turn on one of the three levels of assist, which makes pedaling so much easier and allows me to ride for longer! It’s so much fun, and I look forward to my “me time” on my bicycle.  
    1. You can go the extra mile – let’s face it, after a long day of mom life, sometimes I’m tired. My kids, however, never run out of energy. When they’re on their bikes with the wind in their hair, they never want to stop riding. After an hour, I click the pedal assist ‘on’ button on my handlebars, and I’m good to go for much longer. I love knowing I don’t have to quit, and I can say “yes” when my kids want to keep going. 
    1. The exercise – Yes, my Buzz E-bike offers three levels of assistance and seven gears, but I still get such a great workout. You still have to pedal when the assist is turned on, and I only turn it on when I feel like I need a boost. Otherwise, the Buzz Charter F rides like a traditional bike!
    1. The “whoa” factor – Before I rode my Charter F electric bike for the first time, I’d never tried an e-bike before. The bicycle has some serious kick! As soon as you start pedaling, the assist kicks in, and you can really feel it right away. It’s cool! 

    If you are a busy mom with very little time for yourself, you need to buy a Buzz E-bike as soon as possible. It’s the perfect mix of exercise, fun and fantastic.    

    Now, down to the details. When my bike arrived, I completed three easy steps to set it up. Unfold and lock everything into place, install the pedals and adjust the seat height. It’s that easy to fold up, too. And it weighs as much as my youngest kiddo (just under 40 lbs.), so it’s pretty easy for me to load up into the back of our van. 

    Your purchase gives back in a big way, too. For a limited time,$50 of each purchase will adopt an Operation Honey Bee beehive. Each donation helps save pollinators and the environment. You will even get a jar of honey from your adopted hive. 

    Now that I have my Buzz Charter F e-bike, my adventures are not as limited as they used to be and I’m always eager for the next. 

    You can use checkout code TODDLIN4BUZZ for $100 off a Buzz purchase (limit one per household). As an added bonus, a Buzz purchase can help you teach your family about sustainability because with each purchase of a new Charter F e-bike, $50 of the total purchase price will go toward adopting an Operation Honey Bee beehive through their Adopt-a-Hive program. You’ll then receive a jar of honey from your hive!

    Join the fun, and don’t forget to tag @BuzzBicycles and use #BuzzThroughLife when you post your cycling adventures.

    This blog was written in partnership with Buzz Bicycles.

  • Top 7 On the Go Breakfasts for the Whole Family

    Everyone has a busy morning. Getting up and going in the morning is a constant race against the clock for everyone, from parents to kids. Everyone is always trying to shave off a couple of minutes here and there throughout their morning routine to make it a little less hectic. 

    While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it can also be time-consuming. So, here are the top seven on-the-go breakfasts for the whole family to enjoy (without being late).

    Apple, Peanut Butter, and Granola Sandwich

    Apples are always a healthy snack, but replacing bread with apple slices and adding a little extra crunch to the inside with granola is genius. While it is best to make these healthy breakfast sandwiches in the morning, all you need to do is slice, lather, sprinkle and go!

    Plus, if you get everything ready the night before, you won’t need to waste time looking for all the different ingredients.

    KIND Almond Butter Protein Breakfast Bar

    KIND is known for having quick and scrumptious, fiber and protein-filled energy bars any time you’re on the go. However, the KIND Almond Butter Protein Breakfast Bar is sure to kick your metabolism into high gear. So, whether you’re going fishing or hurrying to make that early morning meeting, KIND has got your breakfast needs in hand.

    Hard-Boiled Eggs

    Hard-boiled eggs are a great source of protein that you can prepare whenever you have time for the entire week. Plus, whether you eat them as-is (just peel and go) or make them a part of a bigger breakfast, hard-boiled eggs make for a timely, filling on-the-go breakfast. 

    Daiya Homestyle Breakfast Burrito

    Some days, you just need a warm meal, but you still don’t have time or patience to whip up anything gourmet. That is where Daiya Homestyle Breakfast Burritos come in. They are 100% plant-based and 100% vegan. That means it is healthy, as well as quick. You just need to heat it and get on with your day.

    Baked Tomato and Egg Cups

    Tomatoes are great for protecting your cells from damage, and eggs are the go-to breakfast protein, whether you are on a diet or just looking for a tasty way to fill up in the morning.

    Of course, this is a good option if you need to stop and charge up at one of the Tesla charging stations on your route, as this isn’t a driving-friendly meal. (Too messy!) 

    However, it is delicious, easy, quick to make, and simple to transport. So, it is still a great on-the-go breakfast option for any occasion.

    Yogurt and Granola

    Yogurt and granola are exceptionally versatile, but it is an explosion of flavor, texture, and possibility that you can experiment with daily when put together. There are so many different flavors and types of yogurt to try, you could have a taste for every day of the week. Plus, the granola adds some much-needed fiber to your diet (and a little crunch that always compliments a good breakfast concoction.

    Protein Shakes

    Whether going through the motions of your busy routine or exploring a farm, you don’t want to spend too much time on breakfast. Even though you need to ensure you get your breakfast in to have energy and brain food for exploration and doing your best, you want to have a delicious but quick solution. Therefore, always make sure you have a protein shake ready when you are really in a bind. While you don’t want to make a habit of protein shakes, they are viable options for the whole family when you need to get a move-on.

    Fortunately, the protein shakes available today are not the gross, lumpy, and nearly undrinkable sludge they used to be. Now, there are plenty of flavors to fit everyone’s preferences.

    Ultimately, you and your family should ensure that you have breakfast every single day, despite your busy schedule. Having breakfast is linked to better performance, healthier choices during the day, better health overall, and even weight loss.

    So, start your day off right! With these benefits, coupled with the top seven delicious on-the-go- breakfasts for the whole family, there is no excuse to go hungry in the morning.

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