Battlefield Tours with Kids: Not on the Top of Our List

I’ll admit, battlefield tours aren’t on the top of our sightseeing list but beautiful green spaces steeped in history are. We decided to stop by the Monocacy National Battlefield for some relaxing family time out in the beautiful fall weather in Western Maryland. It was such a nice surprise for all of us.


We started at the Visitors Center to read a bit more about the area and what happened there. The kids had so much fun running around the cannons and my hubby and I just stared out over the battlefield and the gorgeous fall leaves surrounding it.


From there, we drove across the street to Best Farm, just 3 miles south of Frederick, MD. Both Union and Confederate soldiers camped at the farm during the Civil War and it is picturesque, to say the least.


My kids were captivated by the fields on the property. I’m not sure if they were peas or something else, but they thought the pods were super cool.


After our self-guided tour, we went out for a family pizza dinner and some donuts. It was a great way to spend our evening together. It is worth the stop even if your kiddos aren’t that interested in history.

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