We took our first RV trip to Brunswick, Maryland, and we were excited to find out we were only 20 minutes away from Harper’s Ferry National Park, our second National Park stop.

Historic beauty of Harper’s Ferry

This part of the world is so beautiful and full of history.  I wanted to spend hours and hours soaking up the historic goodness, but I knew we had to get the munchkins back before naptime.  Who likes sightseeing with exhausted toddlers?  Not me!

St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church

The Ranger at the entrance into the park shared the cool history behind Jefferson Rock, and we decided to try and make it up there.  Toddler travel rule #1: always bring the carrier, always.  You guessed it.  We broke our own rule, so the hubby was stuck carrying Lady B.  He’s the man.

Ruins of St. John’s Episcopal Church

There are a ton of slippery, natural stone steps leading up to Jefferson Rock.  The twins made it all the way up all by themselves.  They blew my mind once again with how much they are capable of.  We did make a quick snack stop at St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church.


After our rest, we hiked past the ruins of St. John’s Episcopal Church, and on up to Jefferson Rock.


The story goes that Thomas Jefferson stood on this rock and looked out over the river.  He said, “This scene is worth a voyage across the Atlantic”.  It sure is!

The view from Jefferson Rock

After our hike back to town, we stopped at The Coffee Mill for lunch and ice cream.

The easiest way to get to the park is the shuttle bus to and from the Visitor’s Center.  It runs frequently, and they allow folded strollers on board.  Also, you’ll need to pay $15 to get into the park if you don’t have a National Park Pass.

We were able to get all of this in before a 1 PM naptime.

I love that we are still able to explore and see beautiful places without pushing our kids to their limits.  And, I always try to have low expectations so I’m pleasantly surprised with perfect days like we had in Harper’s Ferry.

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  1. Maggie B Avatar
    Maggie B

    I love Harpers Ferry! Haven’t been to the national park, though. Maybe we’ll try that this summer!

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      We had a great day! Totally unexpected and fun

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