BeReal App: 40-Something Moms Need to Know Right Now

BeReal hit #1 on the download charts, and it’s the newest social media app to break out in a big way. So, what do you need to know?

This is me having zero clue it would take a photo from both sides. Also me, long-pressing the shutter button, thinking it was taking a video. And me, immediately going to delete it and realizing the app basically shames you for deleting anything.

What is it?

BeReal is a photo-sharing app with a twist. The hook? According to the App store description, it’s all about being authentic, with no filters and no time to overthink.

How does it work?

The app sends out a notification at a random time every single day. Cue the 2-minute time. So, Users have precisely 120 seconds to take a photo and post it. And guess what? You can’t edit a thing, and the app is super stingy with deletes, too.

Be prepared! The app takes photos with both the front and back camera, so your friends will see the good, bad and ugly.

The downside

The app notifies your friends when you post late. So what? You’re suddenly obsessed with catching the notification on time so you can post in peace. It’s intense and overly addictive.

And to react to someone’s post, you must take a selfie emoji. In other words, your face all day long.

Is it worth it?

Doubtful. I’m trying to decrease my screen time by a lot. And knowing I have a random alert hitting my phone at any minute seems unhealthy. So I’m going to try it for a week and report back.

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