Best Devotionals for Families with Little Kids

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For me, starting our homeschool day out right is usually the difficult part of the day. I’m committed to encouraging my kids to start their days with the Lord first. They just started reading, and we’re still learning about prayer, so I have to turn our morning basket time into a precious time with God and a learning opportunity. Keep reading to learn more about the books we’re enjoying together this year.

The Ology by Marty Machowski

Honestly, theology and apologetics are not my things. I try to love Jesus with my whole heart and love others to him. But I realize that it’s essential that I understand who God is and how I can relate to him. And, in this crazy world we’re living in, my kids not only need to know what they believe, but they need to learn to defend it with grace and dignity.

As we’re reading through this beautifully illustrated book, I’m learning just as much as my kids are. Complex topics come alive, and the author speaks to the hearts of even the littlest reader. Initially, I thought I’d read straight through this and put it away on our bookshelf. But, I see applications well beyond the little years and ways to expand on what we’re reading as my kids grow.

How Great Is Our God – by Louie Giglio

I love when I have the opportunity to weave time with Jesus into our learning day. This fun devotional teaches tons about the science behind the things God created. After reading our daily entry, my kids always have tons of questions, and I love that I can tie it into the beauty and intricacies of God’s creation.

Wonder Full: Ancient Psalms Ever New – by Marty Machowski

Much like studying Shakespeare, poetry and word pictures in Psalms are tough to navigate and explain to our kids. Thankfully, the short and insightful explanations in this book make it so much easier. I love the easy-to-understand explanations. Again, this beautiful book grows well with kids, and some excerpts offer suggestions for further study for older students.

The Bible Story – by Arthur S. Maxwell

We just started this one, and I feel like I can’t put it down. It indeed reads like a storybook with vivid descriptions and story-like explanations in relatively simple language. I recommend reading scripture alongside this book and treating these stories as a translation of sorts for little kids. Also, the multiple volumes make reading The Bible Story an enjoyable and ongoing pursuit.

More Little Visits with God – by Jahsmann Simon

With a 1961 copyright, some may consider this book a classic for your morning basket. I love seeing the handwritten dates in my secondhand copy. The simple stories help your kids think about who God is and why he does what he does. The questions section provides helpful suggestions for ways to discuss each scripture and story. If you want to continue to use this as your kids grow, I recommend adding support materials as it is written for younger children.

If you have trouble finding the older books, I highly recommend checking out some of the secondhand bookshops on Instagram. My favorites is Brooke’s Bookshop.

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