Best Tips for How to Stand Up on a Paddleboard

I went paddleboarding for the first time today, and it was actually a lot easier than expected. I started on a smooth lake and followed boarding experts’ tips for how to stand up and paddle for your first time. Since this was my first time setting up and standing up, I thought I’d share what I learned.

I decided to buy an inflatable stand up paddleboard so we could take it on trips with us. I choose the Murtisol board because it is a high-quality board; it comes with multiple accessories and is easy to set up.

I unpacked the box and set everything up on my own. It took me about 7 minutes to pump up the board and about 10 minutes total to get set up to hit the lake. The board is very sturdy when inflated, and I felt stable as soon as I kneeled on it.

OK, so here is what worked for me to get up on my feet and paddling. I started on my knees to paddle away from the shoreline. Then, I put the paddle in front of me while I pushed up off my hands one foot at a time. I stood near the back of the paddleboard with my feet about hip-width apart. There were a few wobbles at first, but I was paddling around in no time. The max recommended PSI is 15 for this board, but I inflated it to 8 PSI. By the way, my kids were super disappointed I didn’t fall in!

Side note: be sure to use the paddle with the curve facing out. I know it looks weird, but it moves the board around much better that way. Otherwise, you’re just scooping up the water. After I paddled for a while, I headed back to shore to pack up my board. The pump has a inflate and deflate function, so it was easy to deflate and roll up my paddleboard to pack it in the carrying backpack. I can’t wait to get back up on the board for some more paddling. Let me know if you have any questions as a first-timer. I’d be happy to help.

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