This area is a National Natural Landmark and seriously cool. Your kiddos can climb on huge boulders as far as the eye can see. Basically unchanged for 20,000 years, this is a must-see in Pennsylvania.


After googling places to go to in the Poconos, I kept seeing Hickory Run State Park and Boulder Field. Of course, that meant we had to pack up the van and head out on an adventure. We found Boulder Field about 20 minutes after we entered the park. It is a long, dusty and windy drive down a country-style road. But, it is worth the drive.


The kids climbed out on the boulders right away. We didn’t have a ton of time to explore, but I’m sure they would have kept it up for hours. In front of the field, there is a beautiful, shady area to rest and enjoy a picnic. The field is completely open to the sun and could be very hot on sunny days.


I just had to climb out on the rocks too. It was so much fun. Originally, we thought it was a short distance across, but it turns out it is over 16 acres to the other side. Boulder Field is worth the stop next time you visit the Poconos.


Have you ever visited a boulder field before?

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