Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania: Why We Wish We Skipped It

Today, we drove an hour to visit Bushkill Falls. I read a ton of blogs about how family-friendly, stroller-friendly and fun it is, so I loaded the gang into the van, and we hit the road. Big mistake!

The entrance area leading up to the falls is great. There is a big playground, Putt Putt course, shops and a snack bar with lots of toddler-friendly options. Then, we walked up to the entrance and realized that for a family of 6, it would cost us over $60 just to walk to the falls, seriously?!? Luckily, mine are 3 and under, so they were free. Either way, I’d rather spend that money on a National Park annual membership and see tons of gorgeous falls.

I’m not sure I’ve ever come across this much rudeness in one place (save the snack bar attendant. He was super nice). The cashier yelled at my kids for not obeying the “rules”. I’m still not sure what they were. After selling us our overpriced tickets, my mom walked about ten steps passed the door and realized that this hike was not for her. Way too strenuous… We came across quite a few senior citizens sitting at the picnic tables that felt the same way. They ate the cost of the tickets because they didn’t want to fight about it.

She immediately went back, politely explained her health concerns and asked for a refund. Not only did the cashier yell at her, the manager did too. They basically accused her of stealing. I wasn’t there for this part, that’s probably a good thing!

The trails were very nice compared to your average hike. The trails are well kept, easily passable and there is a large railing all the way around. But, they are not stroller-friendly. There are a ton of uneven steps. We took the green trail. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the falls.

I’m so glad I had our Be Lenka carrier, otherwise, we wouldn’t have made it very far.

I’m glad I got to spend some quality time with my kids, but this is definitely not the Niagara of Pennsylvania. It is a long walk to underwhelming falls managed by rude people. Skip it and check out Hickory Run State Park. You can check out Boulder Field and Hawk Falls – for free!

We could bear it LOL

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