But I Hate Sponsored Posts

I have heard this so many times. Why did you start writing sponsored articles? It is so annoying. Do you actually use that product? Sorry, but I hate sponsored posts.

I get it. I really do. If you told me a year ago that I’d be making my living through my website and social media, I would have laughed. It wasn’t even on my radar.

Then, I sat back and realized something. I realized that I could make my living by starting a family business online. So, I went for it. Honestly, I was simply hoping it would help us take a family vacation that summer.

That week, I started our little business. A career path that included my family, helped my family and allowed me to share the places and things I love with all of you. How cool is that?

Let me back up…so, why do we hate sponsored content? Probably because most people are skeptical. I think it’s pretty natural to feel that way. But, here’s the thing… why do you follow me? Why do you read what I write? I sincerely hope it’s because you trust me.

I am beyond grateful for the people that read what I write. It is an unbelievable honor to share my two cents day-after-day. I do it because I love it, and I don’t want to jeopardize that by losing my credibility with each of you. I guess I like to think that we’re friends. I tell my friends about these products and services. Ask them! I also tell them about the places we visit. It’s funny because I often share the exact same photos on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts that I do here.

There is another side to it too. It was scary when I started Toddlin’ Across America. I chose to share photos of my kids, a lot of my very personal thoughts and experiences and a few extremely difficult moments. It wasn’t easy for me to take that step and trust that the people on the other end of the conversation would be nice. And, they aren’t always nice, but most of the time, we’re blessed with so much support. You laugh with us. You cry with us. And, I hope, you “travel” with us.

Please know that I am very careful when I partner with a brand. Yes, I accept partnerships because I have bills like everyone else and it helps pay for our adventures too. But, I don’t take my collaborations lightly. My sweet family is my brand and I know what a gift that is.

Please feel free to ask anything and everything about the brands I promote. We’ve been there. We’ve tried it. We’ve experienced it. We hope you’ll love it all too.


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