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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems. All opinions are 100% mine.

In case you missed it, we travel A LOT. My mom goes with us most of the time, but sometimes, she chooses to stay home and relax while we’re away. And those are the trips when I worry about her. I love that I always know she’s safe and sound when we’re home together, but after our first trip without her, I knew I wanted to find some way to have peace of mind when we’re on the road.

I did a ton of research and found that Bay Alarm Medical Alert System is the easiest and most reliable way for us to know someone will be there for her when we can’t. We’ve had mom’s medical alert system for over a year now, and there are few different features I really like.

First, Bay Alarm Medical offers 24/7 emergency monitoring. She doesn’t have to worry about finding an open Urgent Care or calling on one of our sweet neighbors in the middle of the night. With the push of a button, one of the friendly dispatchers is on the line to help her and fast.

Second, the wearable help button is lightweight and water-resistant, so it doesn’t interfere with mom’s day. She almost forgets she has it on. If she does need help, she can simply press her necklace button (there’s a wrist option as well), or she can press the big red emergency help button on the main base unit. The dispatcher checks on her through the two-way speaker on the base unit and sends help if needed! Even if the dispatcher doesn’t hear her, they will treat the alarm like an emergency and send local EMS or contact family (depending on the Emergency form we’ve set up).

Third, Bay Alarm Medical Alert System is a set it and forget it (until you need it) tool, but they don’t forget about you. Recently, we moved from Virginia to Georgia, and my mom received calls reminding her to test her device and check-in as soon as possible. We let them know we were moving, but it was nice to know they checked on her during that time. One more way I have peace of mind when we’re away from her.

Last year, I watched as so many families were separated from one another, and I wished I could tell them all about Bay Alarm Medical. Now, I want to take a moment to say you need one of these if you have an aging family member in your life. At first, I thought we’d be OK since we all live in the same house, but the truth is, we can’t always be there when she needs us. And, after the move, it was so easy to set up and install our device in the new house. We did a quick test, updated our info, and were ready to go with 24/7 emergency monitoring.

Bay Alarm Medical Alert System is there for my mom when I need them to be, and I’m so very grateful for that comfort. And as an added bonus, she feels safer in our new town too. We’re in a new area with new doctors and medical facilities, and she knows that help is only a push of a button away at any time. She never has to feel alone.

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