Children’s Travel Books to Inspire Your Tiny Explorer

Need some fun and educational U.S.A. road trip books?

Are you looking for this year’s homeschool geography curriculum? 

I’ve got the best travel books for young and old alike!

We’ve been trying to learn the 50 states together for almost a year. But it just isn’t sticking with my kiddos. So, I decided to find some books that could help make it more fun and exciting. Also, when we visit a specific state, we spend a lot of time reading from these books about that destination. Now, my kids can connect the details and places we learn about to an actual place they’ve visited. It’s working! Keep reading to see which books we recommend. 

50 Adventures in the 50 States – I have to start with this one because it encourages you to get out and experience each state firsthand. I love that all of the activities suggested are nature-based, and even if your 50 state adventure takes years, none of these beautiful stops are going anywhere. Recently, we explored a deep dark cave in Missouri to check one off the list. Our adventure turned into a learning experience all about the state and local geology. My kids will never forget where Missouri is on the map since we experienced it in real life. 

The 50 States: We peruse the colorful pages of this book every day as a part of our geography study together. Of course, when we’re on the road, we try and memorize as many fun facts as possible about the states we visit. My oldest daughter always wants to know the state bird. And my son loves learning which animals we might see during our road trip. I enjoy learning about the state’s history alongside my kids. I’m fascinated by how much history is still there for us to explore together.   

National Parks of the U.S.A.: We’ve only stopped at two national parks since we started road tripping in the R.V., but every single one is on our bucket list. I love the accompanying National Parks of the U.S.A. Postcards that go with this book. We take time to write sweet notes to our friends and family while we’re traveling together. I think it is so important to remind our little ones that these gorgeous protected lands are ours to protect and enjoy. I hope my kids grow up loving the outdoors, and they feel drawn to our National Parks throughout their lives.

The 50 States Activity Book – we’re packing this bright activity book for our next road trip. The kids will feel like they’re doing something super fun, and I’ll know they’re learning a ton along the way. Win-win. We’re going to start with the My Very Own State activity since we just moved. It will help my kids learn more about our new hometown, and I can tweak it a bit for each new state we visit. After we’ve filled it out for each state we see this year, I’ll create a memory book of what we learned with photos from each stop. 

National Parks of the U.S.A.: Activity Book – More and more families are flocking to our National Parks. It is a beautiful thing to see. So for our next National Park trip, we will add this fun activity book to our suitcase. It is packed with wildlife and nature facts, park trivia, spotters guides, and a kaleidoscope of activities, including coloring, puzzles, quizzes, and more. 

Even if you can’t get away for a road trip this year, these books are a great way to travel from home. Each page is full of tons of fun and educational information that could quickly turn into hours of exploration together. So get creative and create one of the 50 states’ adventures at home. You’d be surprised by how easy it is for your kids to turn the underside of your dining room table into a cave adventure!

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