Easy One Day Itinerary with Little Kids in Fayetteville, West Virginia

Sometimes, you just want to ask Google for an outline of things to do with your little kiddos when you’re on the road. Here’s your answer! Head out and follow our footsteps for a fun and easy family day full of outdoor fun.

Start your day at Cathedral Falls in Gauley Bridge, West Virginia. These falls are one of the highest and most scenic in the state, and it was surprisingly easy to get to.

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Cathedral Falls is right off a main road, has plenty of parking and it is about .10 of a mile to the base. Perfect for little legs to enjoy.

We splashed in the water, ate snacks and enjoyed the area for about an hour before the kids were ready to go find lunch. That’s when we headed toward our next hiking spot in hopes of finding a quick bite along the way. We found something so much better.

Arrowhead Bike Farm was an unexpected and awesome find along our path. It is a cool spot with delicious food, craft beer, a bike shop and a little goat farm (be sure to ask for goat treats). My kiddos loved feeding the goats and playing cornhole while I waited for our spinach dip and flatbread. We also made use of the clean restrooms on site.

The kids decided to try one more hike before we all headed back to our campsite for a nap. We found the Kaymoor One Mine Trail, and I wasn’t sure we could do it. It is about a half mile almost straight down then back up. There are quite a few man-made and natural steps, but it is worth the trek. We found a small waterfall about a quarter of a mile down, and the kids decided that’s where we’d stop.

Next time we’re in the area, I hope we make it down to the mine. I’ve heard it is a pretty cool experience.

Our day together was pretty simple, but it was also really wonderful. We had a great day exploring the area and hiking together. If you are adventuring in the Fayetteville area with little kids, this is a great way to spend the day together.

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