Enjoy Amazing Views of the Susquehanna River at Pinnacle Overlook

We always stop for incredible views even when I have to get three Littles out of those annoying car seat buckles. This time, we not only got out of the van, but we drove deep into Amish Country for this stop. It was fun to see the adorable children playing outside the one-room schoolhouses too.

The Pinnacle Overlook is located just north of Holtwood Dam on the banks of the Susquehanna River. You can stand 400 feet above the river for an excellent view.

I know this is unusual for my family, but there is no hiking required to get to this gorgeous spot. We walked along a tenth of a mile paved path to take in the sights.

The overlook is a wide and open area. It is a beautiful green space with some gravel areas. There are some benches and picnic tables for those that want to sit for a bit and enjoy this spot.

My mom wasn’t up for a hike beyond the overlook, but we took the kids on a short walk down for a little rock scrambling to another spot. We stopped there for another peek at the gorgeous river view. Don’t worry! We kept a tight hold on our kiddos for this one. There is quite a drop-off, so please be very careful.

The parking area for the overlook is at the end of Pinnacle Road at the following coordinates: 39.845544, -76.342315. If you are in Lancaster County, be sure to make the scenic drive out to this gorgeous overlook. You won’t be disappointed.

I’d like to thank Ciana from Wild Elements Photography for capturing these beautiful memories. We’ll cherish them always. Book your next family adventure session with her today!

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