Epic Rock Scrambling for Kids in Gettysburg, PA

Devil’s Den at the National Military Park in Gettysburg, PA, is the perfect spot if you are looking for a great place to try rock scrambling with your little ones. Rock scrambling is a great way to start your kids’ obsession with rock climbing (but it is a lot safer). Keep reading the learn more about a great little spot we found.

The military park is a place you have to see in person to appreciate. Aside from the rich and sad history, it is a gorgeous landscape. We visited Devil’s Den first, and I was happy to find plenty of parking right across the street. My kids saw all of the enormous rocks and immediately ran over to start exploring.

My kids are still little (4, 4, and 3), and overall, the area was pretty safe for them. We saw middle school-aged kids having a ton of fun too. I did stick close because the rocks were high, and there were some drop-offs.

We spent a full two hours climbing around together. And my kids have already asked to go back again. After we finished enjoying Devil’s Den, we drove up the hill to Little Round Top.

There are signs to stay off the rocks at the top of this hill, but there are a cool tower and fun paths to walk around. It is worth a visit because the view is spectacular.

Eventually, we’ll add Gettysburg to our homeschool history lessons, and we’ll learn about the rich history together. For now, we’ll head back very soon for a bunch more rock scrambling fun.

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