Explore Nashville’s Centennial Park

If your Littles aren’t up for the neon lights of the Nashville honky-tonks, then I’ve got the perfect spot for you explore. Centennial Park is 132 acres of beautiful, and it is the great way to enjoy a lazy Tennessee day.

I decided to take my family because of the life-sized replica of the Parthenon. Yes, it really is the “Athens of the South”. I just had to see it. Totally worth the trip and very cool.

Inside, there is a ginormous statue of Athena and historical artifacts.  On the second floor, there is an art exhibit, but I didn’t feel comfortable taking the kids inside.  It looked pretty breakable.

After our tour, we enjoyed a few sippy cups of water on the steps.  Quite a view, right?

We also walked around the trail and stopped at the lake to feed the ducks.  That made the kids’ day!

If you get a chance, visit Nashville’s West End and one of the city’s hidden gems. 

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