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I grew up in Annapolis, MD, and spent many summers at the beach, but I never made it to Chincoteague Island.  I can’t believe it!  This is such a quaint and beautiful town, and we are loving our waterfront stay at Comfort Suites Chincoteague.

The view from our balcony

It is tough to find a hotel room that comfortably sleeps a family of five.  Add in beautiful views and a great location, and it is almost impossible.  When we travel, we always try to find a place to stay that has plenty of space, hot breakfast included, and an indoor pool, if at all possible.  Comfort Suites in Chincoteague, VA has all of this and more.

On the sundeck


Chincoteague, VA is the perfect town for a family getaway.  We were minutes from Assateague Island National Seashore (the first National Park we’ve visited!) and the famous wild ponies.  After our delicious hot breakfast at the hotel, we packed up for the beach.  We could barely drag the kids away.  It is such a peaceful, fun spot.

Assateague Island National Seashore

After naptime, we hopped in the car to find a nearby playground.  We ended up at Veterans Memorial Park.  The toddler-friendly playground was perfect for our three, and the lighthouse view was a great way to end our day.


I highly recommend you add Don’s Seafood to your “must do” list.  The cream of crab soup (a local favorite) is so yummy.  Everything we had was delicious.  It is a casual and family-friendly environment.  Don’t forget to take a piece of Smith Island Cake home with you.  It is a real treat.

The Ick Factor

Ya’ll know, cleanliness is super important to me.  My Littles are typical toddlers, and they rough house and play on the floor constantly.  I’m so grossed out when we arrive somewhere, and I feel like I need to Lysol every surface.  I was so relieved to find that Comfort Suites was spotless.  It might be one of the cleanest hotels we’ve ever stayed in.

The Digs

Mom joined us this week, so we stayed three nights in a Double Queen and adjoining King Suite on the first floor. It was furnished with clean carpet, crisp white linens, a shower and tub for the Littles, and modern décor.  They even provided a tub liner to keep the little ones from sliding around.

King Suite – Comfort Suites

The rooms are very spacious, and there is plenty of floor space for pack-n-plays or cribs (if you need it) or pre-bedtime laps.

We visited the heated indoor pool.  The kids loved splashing and swimming around with us.  In the warmer months, there is an outdoor pool right on the bay.  It looks like a great way to spend a beautiful summer day.

The staff was extremely nice too.


The Bites

We woke up each day and headed over to the lobby for our yummy hot breakfast.  We enjoyed the scrambled eggs with all the fixings, sausage, waffles, fresh fruit (available all day), oatmeal, toast, bagels, coffee and juice.

Would We Return?

Absolutely!  We had a great visit, and we’ll add this to our list for our next trip to Chincoteague.



If you are looking for a hotel that can conveniently accommodate your family to a trip to Chincoteague, Virginia and surrounding areas, Comfort Suites was a great experience for us.

We received a two-night complimentary stay in exchange for this review.  We loved it so much, we purchased a third night.  All opinions are my own.

19 responses to “Family Friendly Hotel in Chincoteague, Virginia – Comfort Suites”

  1. What a lovely first ever visit you had to Chincoteague! I see that the property looks chic and comfortable. It indeed is thoughtful of them to provide tub liners. I really have not seen many going the extra mile to see to the needs of the visitors. Being a vegetarian, I may have to stay away from sea-food but a mention of that Smith Island cake made me drool! Thanks for introducing this place through your post.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      Thanks for reading about a new spot. Yes, the Smith Island Cake is amazing – they had chocolate and red velvet. Yum!

  2. Chincoteague looks like such a beautiful place. Glad to know that you found the perfect hotel to stay. Even I travel with a kid and I can completely understand the stress on cleanliness. Can’t compromise on it

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      Right?!? It is so important. So glad we found this awesome family-friendly hotel. Thanks for stopping by

  3. I hadn’t read about Chincoteague before but it sounds like a charming place to relax. The Comfort Suites there looks like a great choice when you need to accommodate a family of five without breaking the bank. The accommodation looks modern, clean, and well thought out for family needs.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      It is the perfect home base for a family getaway. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The comfort suites look so modern and clean! I love hotel rooms like that. I’m not surprised you decided to extend your stay! Never been to Chincoteague but maybe i should add it to my list!

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      It is a “must visit” spot, for sure. Such a beautiful and peaceful island.

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  6. Chincoteague seems so quaint and charming! I dream of spending the fall in a New England coastal town, Chincoteague might just fit the bill. Your hotel also looked cozy and perfect for you and your family. Loved the view!

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      Right?!? That view is to die for. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. The first picture got me. I would have loved to sit and read a book there. This place looks so dreamy and comfortable. I totally agree with you that when a family heads for a holiday, one looks for space, hot breakfast and cozy vibes. The accommodation definitely looks at par with the needs of modern traveler, with family.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      Comfort Suites really was the perfect spot for us. We loved it. Thanks for stopping by

  8. I would have never thought Chincoteague to be so nice. I’ve only heard about it but never actually been myself but that might change in the future. Also, the Comfort Suit looks amazing and the perfect choice for a family! Will definitely consider booking it when I visit.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      It is such a perfect spot. And, that view!! I look forward to hearing from you when you stay there. Thanks for stopping by

  9. The Comfort suites looks very welcoming . I like that it has an indoor heated pool and also large spacious rooms. The clincher is their focus on cleanliness which makes it perfect for children playing on the floors. A definite thumbs up also for your recommendation on the Don’s seafood!

  10. I have never heard of Chincoteague before. It looks so amazing! you are right, its tough to find a spacious room for a family of 5 . You really struck gold with this. The suites are so family-friendly and the location is just perfect.

  11. Looks like a very comfortable place to stay and it’s nice to know they keep it clean. I’ve never heard of Chincoteague before so not that hard for me to believe you haven’t been there!

  12. I love family friendly hotels as I too travel with family and therefore Chincoteague in Virginia looks perfect choice to stay. The view from your balcony looks very peaceful with a glimpse of blue waters. I loved the indoor pool and the King suite to look spacious. Thanks for sharing a beautiful stay.

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