Feed Sensational Stingrays at the South Carolina Aquarium

We love learning on the road, and the South Carolina Aquarium was the perfect stop for our homeschool lesson in the area. This aquarium isn’t an average aquarium. Their education and conservation programs give back to the community and the environment in significant ways. The staff has rehabilitated and released over 300 sea turtles since they opened their doors. And, COVID-19 hit hard, so plan your visit soon and help this organization continue their commitment to their community and our world.

The kids and I were so excited to find a unique experience for all of us. We paid an extra $5.00 per person to hand feed the stingrays near the building entrance. The kind staff member carefully showed my little ones how to either drop the small frozen fish in the tank or offer it to the stingrays between their fingers. I was the only one brave enough to feed the rays by hand, and it was such a fun moment in our day.

The exhibits throughout the building are stunning and educational. The kids were excited to touch tiny sharks in the touch area. They also enjoyed learning how the aquarium filters tank water with an interactive exhibit that clearly shows how the process worked.

The aquarium has a beautiful observation deck that overlooks downtown Charleston, and it is located just across from the Ft. Sumter ferry. There is open green space out front for a picnic or just a place to run around for a while.

Don’t miss this family-friendly stop during your stay in the Charleston, SC area. Everyone in your crew will have a great time together.

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