Full-time Family: The New American Dream

We are living the American Dream.  We have a big house in the perfect neighborhood. We have three beautiful children and even a sweet grandma in our basement apartment.  We have it all.  We’re giving it all up for more.  


Photo Credit: Rebecca Sigety http://www.rebeccasigety.com


In a month, we’ll pack three adults, three toddlers, and three dogs into an RV, and drive away from everything in search of the new American Dream.

After we started traveling part-time for our travel website, Toddlin’ Across America, I started reading about these full-time families popping up all over the world.  Brave parents packing up their trusting children for destinations unknown.  Each family had a different motivation when they chose to make this step, but every family had one thing in common, the desire to do it together, as a family, full-time. 


Smuggler’s Notch, Stowe, VT


We’re ready to stop living each day on repeat and start waking up to a new view and a new adventure.  We’re ready to leap out of our 5,000 square foot comfort zone into 400 square feet of the unexpected.  We’re prepared to face new challenges and new places together, to find out what being a full-time family really means.  It is our time to turn off the distractions and turn up the here and now. 


Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, Pittsburgh, PA


I’m not going into any of this with rose colored glasses.  I know we’re going to grow in unimaginable ways, and with growth comes inevitable growing pains.  My husband and I will lose what little privacy we had before the move.  My mom will lose her home, and she’ll be tied to a young family 24 hours a day.  My children will learn to plant their roots in the people they love instead of the places they know.


Saying goodbye to our backyard


But we will get to take a new adventure together every day.  We’ll get to show our children beautiful places and exciting faces they’ve only ever seen in books.  We’ll be living, learning and loving on the road, full-time.  We believe this is the new American Dream, and we couldn’t be more excited to start living it.  

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