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Our kids are just starting to notice injustices in the world around them. We watched a movie the other day, and two little kids were looking for food in the trash. My daughter said she wanted to give them her lunch, and my heart both swelled with pride and broke a little at the same time.

My youngest daughter saw a video about foster care and told me we should bring all the little kids without homes to our house. She said her room was “very big” for them too. It reminded me of one reason we travel, to show our kids that others aren’t always as fortunate as we are, and we have to give back when we can.

I started researching how we could give back to others this year since we can’t travel as much. I found Unbound.

They are tackling global poverty, one person and one family at a time. But how do I explain something so vast and overwhelming to my little ones? It was even more overwhelming when I realized that no two situations are the same. Each family’s path out of poverty calls for a unique solution. The great news? Unbound offers opportunities for one-to-one support. Much like 2020 as a whole, it sounds pretty amazing to focus on one thing I can change, one person I can impact for good.

I traveled to Jamaica on a mission trip with my mom in high school, and it changed me forever. We helped build a school for deaf children in the community, children that otherwise would have been left without an education or a way to earn a living. Without that school and our help, those kids would have navigated life on the streets or worse. That experience is why I want to show my kids how they can help others, how they can be the hands and feet of Jesus with Unbound.

Through Unbound, we can partner one-on-one with a child and their family. The local staff works with sponsored families to best use their funds to achieve personal and family goals. Support might include healthcare, nutrition, tuition and school supplies, housing repairs, and seed capital for a small business.

I love that I can tell my kids, see, we are giving them food as you asked, and we’re helping them fix their house, so they have a place to live. It isn’t about someone else telling them what they need. It is about empowering those in poverty by giving them what they know they need to make a change.

We’ve all had a rough year. While this year has felt tough, we also learned how to unite and make a positive difference in 2020. Unbound is a great cause we can all support and feel good about.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Unbound.

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