Everything You Need to Know About Homeschool Day at Lee-Fendall House Museum

I’ll admit, I love it when museums designate a day for homeschoolers. It feels so special and fun, not to mention, we always learn something really cool. The Lee-Fendall House Museum hosts homeschool day in early Fall. It is a great way to see the museum with a bunch of other homeschool families, and spend some fun family time in downtown Alexandria.


We started just inside the dining room where a local apothecary set out tons of dried herbs for the kids to mix and mash together. As preschoolers, they had zero clue what they were doing, but they took it very seriously and had fun doing it.


I enjoyed learning about what herbs are used for different ailments. I’m even planning to buy one of the books to see if I can make some at home.


We spent most of our time outside in the gardens. They set out old fashioned games and there was plenty of room for the kids to run around. Of course, my kids found a few beautiful trees to climb. Don’t worry! I quickly told them to get down and I do not recommend this.

On our way back in the house, there was a sachet-making station. My kids scooped and smelled the fragrant lavender and made sure I safely stashed their little sachets in my purse for safe keeping.

I decided not to take my crew upstairs for the tour (because toddlers), but I heard that it was very educational and interesting. It is on the list for next year.



After we finished exploring the museum, we stumbled across a neat cobblestone street paved with the original stones from the late 1700s.

Alexandria, Virginia is a beautiful town and worth exploring.


We had a fun homeschool day together and can’t wait to visit again next year.

Have you visited Alexandria, Virginia?

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