Homeschool on the Road at the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey

Homeschool meets road school meets my crazy little traveling crew, and we love every minute of it. Lately, we’ve been learning about the ocean and all the life it supports, so I decided to plan a trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, to let the kids see some creatures in real life.  

At home, we’ve been reading National Geographic Big Book of Oceans and watching Ocotonauts and Splash and Bubbles on TV. It blew my mind when we walked into the Adventure Aquarium, and the kids were able to see so many of the creatures we’d learned about together. 

During these crazy times, I’m always nervous about visiting an indoor space (that’s still so weird to say). The staff did so much to make everyone feel safe during their experience. 

  • masks required
  • temperature check at the door
  • hand sanitizer stations
  • obvious cleaning protocols
  • clear distancing requirements
  • limited capacity overall and in “touch” areas
  • online reservations required

For my kiddos, they were super excited to see and identify all the fish together. But they went nuts over the sharks, rays and sea turtles in the giant tank. We even got to walk the Shark Bridge and see the tank from above. 

For some reason, my oldest daughter loves it when we get to the Lionfish page in our oceans book, and her face lit up when she saw one in person. I’ll never forget how excited she was to know so much about it and see one. 

My son loved the Giant Pacific Octopus, and again, he’s been learning about this majestic creature for so long, and now, he knows what one looks like in real life. 

My littlest ran from frog enclosure to frog enclosure, and she loved touching the Bat Sea Star. I did too since I’ve been learning with them this year.

If you’re looking for a great way to take learning at home on the road, then the Adventure Aquarium is a great place to go. Let me know if you have any questions when you plan your visit. I’m happy to help!  

2 responses to “Homeschool on the Road at the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey”

  1. Maria Jerez Avatar
    Maria Jerez

    Looks like so much fun! my kids would really love this place also! cool photos!

    1. Angelica Kajiwara Avatar
      Angelica Kajiwara

      It was so much fun and educational! We can’t wait to visit again

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