Hot Coffee for Mom, Fun for the Kids at Ridgetop Coffee and Tea in Sterling, VA

Yes, you read that right.  I’m sitting here writing this article on my mom’s best friend and sipping on my piping hot cappuccino while my little ones play safely in a beautiful, gated playroom right in front of me.  This is the awesomeness that is Ridgetop Coffee & Tea.


Not the best photo, but I didn’t want to capture little faces that aren’t mine to share.  Either way, this is the awesome playroom, gated on both sides, that your little ones (0-5 years old) can play out some of that crazy toddler energy while you snag some much needed R-n-R, and enjoy a HOT cup of coffee.  It is like a mom unicorn, am I right?


There are lots of tables (adult and toddler-sized), comfy chairs, and overstuffed couches to enjoy.  The shop has games, puzzles, and books you can borrow during your visit.  They even provide free cheerios for the kids.


We all have such a great time when we visit this unique coffee and tea shop.  The church  next door owns and runs the shop, and they offer story time and children’s programs for all to enjoy.


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