Move to the Best Town in Chattanooga, TN

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My neighbors probably won’t like me sharing this, but Lookout Mountain is the best neighborhood in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area. People in the know jokingly call our mountain town Mayberry, but it isn’t far off. We’ve got top-rated schools, a sense of community like no other and welcoming churches. Pick the Georgis or Tennessee side, and you won’t be disappointed.    

Local Schools

Fairyland Elementary School is the #1 school in Walker County, GA and the #14 school in the entire state. After elementary school, Chattanooga and the surrounding towns have top-rated private schools. If you’d prefer to educate your kids at home, I highly recommend the homeschool community on Lookout Mountain. We homeschool, and I’m so glad we have these families in our community. 

The Community

We’ve lived here for seven months, and I’m blown away by this fantastic community. It started when I went to a homeschool mom meet-up. Every single woman I met that night was kind, welcoming and ready to make a new friend. Then, my son signed up for soccer (they have rec teams up here!), and we fell in love with our community all over again. The coaches focused on character over goals, and my little man was quick to make friends with his teammates.

The streets are lined with families walking the sidewalks and across to the local park, The Commons. I love meeting with friends at Canopy, our coffee shop or Cafe on the Corner, an excellent farm-to-table restaurant. You see people you know almost every day. Our neighbor is my daughter’s art teacher, and our friend a block up is our son’s coach. It is a special place to live.   

Our Church

Thankfully, there are many churches on the mountain, and I’ve heard they’re all extraordinary for many different reasons. We chose Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church. It is a PCA church with around 1200 members. We’ve never heard more impactful biblical teaching or met friendlier people. I’m amazed by how this church acts as the hands and feet of Jesus in our community and the city. The children’s programs teach biblical lessons, and my kids always come home with lots to stay about what they learn. Overall, we’re blessed to have found a conservative area filled with great people. 

The Problem

It is beyond challenging to find a house here. The mountain is full of generational homes passed down for years. And, families sometimes “trade” houses when they’re ready to downsize. The land is scarce, so you’ll have to stalk the listings. If Lookout Mountain is part of your house search, you’ll want to contact Justin Tate. Our house search was during an insane time in the housing market. Justin not only found us a house we would never have considered. He negotiated a fantastic deal. He stayed professional, kind, fun and committed to our house search. 

Tourists are an issue during the high tourist season. The mountain offers many attractions such as Rock City, Ruby Falls, battlefields and endless outdoor activities. And, tour buses, hikers and vacationers can make it tough to be a local.  

Our Concerns

Living on a mountain comes with some challenges, like any other town or city. Yes, you have to drive up and down the mountain daily. It takes us eight minutes, but that all depends on where you’re located. It’s never been an issue for us unless one of the roads is blocked. But the community is good about advertising traffic issues on Facebook. 

We were concerned about resources on the mountain, too. But, again, we were pleasantly surprised as we have restaurants, markets, coffee shops, auto repair, a family doctor, shops and more. We don’t have to leave the mountain unless we want to.  

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