Neabsco Creek Boardwalk and Wetlands with Kids

We’re trying to get out more and more after being in quarantine for almost three months, but social distancing makes our destinations a little harder to find. Today, we were on our way to a nearby state park and pulled into the entrance only to find it was temporarily closed due to overcrowding. So we turned around and pulled over at the shadiest picnic spot we could find – Neabsco Creek Wetlands and Boardwalk.


I love it when we stumble upon a hidden gem. We parked at the lot around the corner from Leesylvania State Park and started down the center path together. The shady trails are full of roots and some small boardwalks to avoid the muddy spots, but my little crew made it through without issue.


We stayed on the blue trail then followed the signs to the boardwalk. We stopped for lunch on one of the many benches, and the kids threw sticks in the water.


The boardwalk is in the full sun, but it is well worth the heat. The view is stunning, and there is tons of wildlife to enjoy with your kiddos. It is stroller-friendly, but I didn’t see an entrance outside of the trail, and the path wasn’t stroller-friendly.


I didn’t see any bathrooms nearby, but there is a Wawa on the corner if it is an emergency.


I’m so glad we stopped at Neabsco Creek. It is a beautiful way to spend a day with your family.

Directions: The wetland is located at 15875 Neabsco Road in Woodbridge.

From I-95, take exit 156 to Rippon Landing Blvd. Turn right onto Route 1. Turn left on Neabsco Road. Follow Neabsco Road just past Leesylvania Elementary School. The parking lot is on your left.

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