Inspiring awe in a toddler isn’t all that hard to do.  They see the world through a magical sense of wonder.  As an adult, I find it harder and harder to experience an awe-inspiring moment. It was a privilege to experience more than a few of those moments at The Observation Deck at CEB Tower.


This hidden gem won’t be hidden for long.


We had the honor of an invitation to the Observation Deck, and I chose to visit on my hubby’s 45th birthday.  I knew it would be the perfect place to celebrate.  Guess what?  I was right!


The anticipation-filled elevator ride into the sky opens onto a beautifully designed circular observation deck bathed in gorgeous light streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows.  My eyes immediately surveyed the view out across Arlington, VA.  I had to internally scold myself for not giving 100% of my attention to the incredibly friendly docent explaining the highlights of the experience.


The view is worth the price of admission, period.  Still, while you are there, you can circle around the floor and interact with the screens at each stop.  Each massive window pane has an accompanying screen that provides information about the featured view from that window.  And, you’ll be asked a question as part of the fun crowd-sourcing effort that updates live throughout the day.  


As we found our way around the circle, we were struck by the million-dollar moment in front of us.  In a blink, we were staring out over the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Kennedy Center and so much more.  We were blessed with a sunny, bright sky dotted with fluffy white clouds.  It was a postcard (or as they say now Instagram) moment.   


I get it, folks, I’m gushing, but this really is the coolest place I’ve been in quite a while.  As if that wasn’t enough, you can head up the stairs to the outdoor deck.  Translucent glass panels give the effect of soaring above the city.  It felt like I could reach out and touch the history in front of my eyes. 


The comfy couches are a great spot to sit and take it all in. 


After you’ve taken it all in, be sure to stop by the café for a drink.


Before we headed up to the Observation Deck, we had a great time burning off some toddler energy in the open courtyard just outside the entrance.  It is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic after a fun morning taking in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC from among the clouds. 


Feel free to bring the stroller.  The building is stroller-friendly, and the Observation Deck has designated stroller parking.  It can be a bit difficult to find parking.  We took the metro to the Rosslyn station and walked just across the street to the CEB Tower.  Kids 5 and under a free, and the open spaces on the deck are perfect for you and your Littles to stretch their legs. 


Thank you, The Observation Deck at CEB Tower for hosting our family.  We had a great time.

Thank you, The Fresh Walk for capturing these beautiful and special moments.  We’ll cherish them always.

15 responses to “Our Epic Family Morning at The Observation Deck at CEB Tower in Arlington, Virginia”

  1. Em Rae Avatar
    Em Rae

    What a great description of the observation deck! Our little family enjoyed it as well. It’s an excellent place to go for a family outing!! Thanks for writing such a helpful review in such a relatable and personable way! -Em

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      We had such a great time! Thanks for stopping by

  2. Pooja Samtani Avatar
    Pooja Samtani

    That’s such an informative post about the observation deck. It gives such a different perspective to the city. Loved the tips about traveling with a kid. It’s a great help for people like me.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by! It is such a cool place, that’s for sure.

  3. Lisa Avatar

    What a lovely day out you had! Those views are definitely memorable, and what a height too! I’ve never been to Virginia when in the US, but will be sure to pay a visit the next time I’m there.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      It is a wonderful vacation destination. Thanks for stopping by

  4. Jane Dempster-Smith Avatar
    Jane Dempster-Smith

    As you say it was definitely an ‘instagram’ moment. What views! I have not heard about the CEB Tower! I would like to visit one day. Thanks for the information.

  5. Ami Bhat Avatar

    Watching the world from high up tends to sometimes be so calming. In my case, I found it throw things in perspective. Plus besides the great view, as in your case, it can be a bonding affair. Nice to read abt your experience

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      It was a wonderful family day for all of us and a very unique experience. I love seeing things from above too. Thanks for stopping by

  6. Elena Avatar

    The view caught my attention. For almost two decades I lived in NoVA, so all the landmarks looked like old friends. Also, it reminded me of how much time passed since I left the East Coast and the US in general. I am glad that DC or VA (or both for that matter) have an observation point to admire beautiful Potomac and historical site of the national capital.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      Hello former neighbor! Thank you for checking out my article. It is such a beautiful spot, and it has only opened last year. Still a hidden gem…

  7. amar singh Avatar
    amar singh

    I am not a great fan of heights but observation decks do attract me for some reason. The views you can get from these are unparalleled I must say if I was around this area I would definitely visit the CEB Tower observation deck. I like the rides up to these observation deck in the elevators that give you a great feel and keep you anticipating what it offers when the doors open . I must say was a great way to celebrate your husbands 45 with the kids. Seems child friendly and a place to park your stroller is good as well.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      My mom skipped this visit since she is not a fan of heights either. It is very family-friendly and a great way to celebrate. Thanks for following along

  8. Manjulika Pramod Avatar

    I love those birds eye view from tallest, biggest, highest observation decks. You have given a lovely description of this one. I am sure you had a great time with family. These places definitely give a different and unique perspective of the city. One can see all the landmarks and have a date with history.

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      I love when I can have a date with history. Growing up, I didn’t really appreciate history at all. As an adult, I find myself getting lost in the stories and experiences. Thanks for following along.

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