We’re always on the hunt for a great playground, and Potomac Crossing Park in Leesburg, VA is one of our favorite spots. The play structure is so fun. It has lots of climbing elements, slides, a big slide and a nice spot to grab a picnic with your little ones.

My favorite parts of this park are the nearby hiking trails. They often ask to go hiking as soon as we park the van. I love that so much.


We walked all the way to the “end” of the trail, near the water. I’m not sure that’s actually the end, but we didn’t want to brave the drop-off.


The trails are great for little legs. They’re easy and have a bunch of rocks, fallen trees and dirt to explore. It is a beautiful place to walk and enjoy each other.


We love to stop by this park on a nice day. You and your Littles will love it. Side note: it is rarely crowded during the day, but it gets pretty busy on the weekends. If it has rained recently, be sure to wear rain boots. It can get muddy.


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