Our Week in the Poconos and How it All Got Started

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

After mom moved in with us and the twins plus 1 were born, it became obvious that my corporate ladder climbing life away from home just wasn’t going to work anymore.  I wanted to figure out what I could do from home that would allow me to use my expertise and involve my kids – not the easiest career to start.  Since we all love to travel, becoming a travel writer seemed the obvious choice.  We launched our family business a little over a year ago and the rest is history.  My mom is a writer too, and my husband is a project manager, so it soon became something we could all participate in and enjoy together while sharing the care of three busy toddlers. Needless to say, with that much traveling for our business, it was clear that my mom would need to have a health care plan that was as mobile and flexible as she was going to be!

Last week, we went camping in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We decided to check out the Night Lights Sky Lantern Festival and explore the surrounding area and parks. Both the festival and Hickory Run State Park were perfect for us on this trip.

Though we travel a lot, we mainly enjoy the areas that provide easy hiking for the kids and good exercise for the adults. Our family prefers a lifestyle that supports our efforts to get and stay healthy through good food and exercise that we all can do from ages 2 to 73.  Easy hiking meets that need more than anything else, so we seek out state parks and national forests whenever we can in our travels.

Our favorite stop was Boulder Field. It is almost 20,000 years old and a seriously awesome natural wonder. It covers more than 16 acres and the boulders average 4ft wide (some are almost 25ft long). I love finding places like this we can all explore together. Mom even got in on the boulder climbing fun. Her grandkids think she’s the most fun of us all!


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Virginia gives people the option of wellness services that address whole-person health through their Medicare Advantage plans that are high-quality and affordable. Through these plans, they provide the option of nutrition support and education that may make it easier to better manage chronic conditions and help to avoid preventable health-related incidents. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Virginia can be a win-win for adults like my mom who like to stay active!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

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