How to Plan the Perfect Family Staycation

Are you ready for a little break, but the cost of a family vacation seems way out of reach? I get it. Vacations aren’t cheap, and the planning process can be overwhelming. I have the perfect solution. Take a portion of that vacation fund and plan a staycation instead. I know what you’re thinking. That’s not a real vacation, but it can be if you follow my top 6 tips. Get ready to be a tourist in your city.

Let’s {not} hit the road!

  1. Visit the Famous Spots in Your Backyard. Pack up the family and head to those beautiful places you pass on your way to work. Everyday life gets in the way, so take the opportunity to see these beautiful landmarks for the “first time”. Take a ton of pictures and play tourist.


2. Create a Hotel Room at Home. Don’t skip this step. Spend some of the money you would have spent on airfare and turn your master bedroom into a hotel-like retreat. Buy some luxurious new bedding, get some amazing candles and a cozy new throw blanket.

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Our kids love to snuggle up with us for a Friday night movie too.

3. Unplug. This is a tough one for most of us. When is the last time you turned off your phone? Yikes! Commit to a device-free weekend if you can. If you’re worried about missing a great photo op, pack the real camera for this one or put your phone in airplane mode.

Pro tip: buy a combo tripod/selfie stick. That way, mom can be in the pictures too.

4. Hire Some Help. Here’s another use for some of that vacation fund you’ve been saving up. Call a housekeeper or a personal chef or better yet, a babysitter. A staycation isn’t a staycation if you’re still doing all the things you do every other day. Get some help and take a well-deserved break.


5. Plan a Special Night with the Kids. Move the coffee table, throw open a comfy blanket and break out the old fondue pot (or some other fun food). Put on an old Disney movie your kiddos haven’t seen yet and get ready for a great family night. Let them stay up late and eat dessert first. That’s what vacation is all about, right?!?

6. Try Something New. Go to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Stay up late and check out that cute jazz club downtown. Or, buy an amazing bottle of wine and curl up under those silky sheets you just bought.

I’d love to hear about your family staycation.

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  1. Great idea! There are always so many things to do right in our own backyard and we totally forget about them. Staycation would be fun!

    1. ToddlinAcrossAmerica Avatar

      I’ll admit, it’s not our first choice, but we always end up loving it

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