Rainy Day Fun at the Children’s Museum of Richmond

Rainy days call for awesome children’s museum fun.

We made our way over to the Children’s Museum of Richmond and the kids had a blast. I couldn’t drag them away from the Sun Tubes. Colorful scarves are sucked in, blown around and shot out the top for Littles to catch. It is great for hand/eye coordination.

Around the corner, a huge pile of recycled tires called to E. She proudly made her way to the top and insisted I snap a photo of her accomplishment. This is a great exhibit to improve gross motor skills and spatial awareness.

Of course, the kids fought over the Fantastic Future Me machine. Evie decided she wants to be a Parent Astronaut. You go for it, girl!

Asher’s favorite exhibit was the dentist’s office. He loved playing dentist and pretending with his “patient”. He was memorized by the x-rays too.

We had a great morning at the museum, and would love to check out some of the other locations very soon.

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