How to Redecorate Your Outdated RV on a Budget

Not every RV needs a full remodel, but most of them could use some love in the form of paint, furniture and decor. Who doesn’t want their home on wheels to feel more like home? I know we sure do.


We spent around $1000.00, turning our RV into a bright, comfortable and functional vacation home for our family of six.


We started with paint. After reading many reviews, we decided to go with Beyond Paint. It goes on like a dream and covered everything without an issue. We did rough up the cabinets with a sander; otherwise, we prepped the surfaces by cleaning them thoroughly, and that is it. What a difference a little paint makes, right?


I chose soft grey for the cabinets, off-white for the walls and Nantucket for the accents. The colors are perfect for the tight spaces in an RV. Everything looks so much bigger and more open, not to mention, a lot more modern.


We chose an RV with three bedrooms and two bathrooms because we travel with three kids and my mom. We all need some space of our own. We decided to move the third bedroom’s pullout couch out into the “dining room” space so we’d all have a place to sit in the main living area.


We added an awesome gateleg table with chair storage. It easily folds up and down, and doesn’t take up much space. When we push it up against the couch, all six of us can sit at the table for dinner. (Note: we’ve been using this for about a year, and it is a piece of junk! I would recommend something similar, if you can find it).


We finished off my mom’s room with a pullout sofa from IKEA.


I can’t imagine our fifth wheel without the new paint job. Before, it felt dark and dreary. Every inch felt cramped, and I didn’t get it because we have a pretty large rig. After using Beyond Paint, it feels bright, open, airy and beautiful.


A few tips, I highly recommend cover or clear out as much as you can. Also, have a cleaning spray of some kind on hand to clean up small spills. We had to use Goof Off to remove dry paint drips, and since this paint made to stick, it is tough to clean up after the fact.


Use painter’s tape to cover all the plugs, switches, light fixtures and anything else you don’t want to paint. I understand why so many RV DIYers choose to paint everything one color. There are a lot of nooks and crannies to paint around in these campers.

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