Skip the Crowds at these Space Coast Hidden Gems

Florida’s Space Coast is full of great seaside and riverside spots for your whole family to enjoy, but tourists flock to every one of them, which gets pretty crowded. We decided to ask some locals where we could splash around and miss the crowds. We found two hidden gems and went back multiples times during our stay.

Rotary Park at Suntree

We visited this beautiful riverside park every chance we got. The pavillions provide shade and picnic tables for lunches and snacks. And each one is right on the water, so your kids can dig in the sand or splash in the water while you enjoy the shade. TIP: The pavillions are first-come, first-served, so try to get there before the lunch crowd arrives.

Rotary Park is the perfect place to kayak, paddleboard, or fish too. I took my paddleboard to get in a quick workout each time we went. My hubby packed all the fishing gear also. We saw lots of pontoon and motorboats from the shore if you have a boat to get out on the water. Also, my daughter liked the playground, and it was nice to have restrooms right by the pier.

My husband had to work during our vacation, and he said this park was his favorite place to work. Check your pavilion because some of them have electrical outlets, and he got good internet service on his AT&T mobile hotspot.

Millennium Beach Park

We drove over to visit Satellite Beach, but the parking lot was packed. So, I stopped and asked a couple of young guys where to find a less crowded beach to enjoy for the day. They recommended Millennium Beach Park and Bicentennial Beach Park. We stopped at Millennium, but it looked like either would have been pretty open. The parks have playgrounds, shaded picnic tables and beautiful beaches full of pristine shells. We knew we found the right spot when we saw the Space Coast Board Riders set up there too. We didn’t find a place to rent chairs or umbrellas, so be sure to pack yours.

The waves at this beach park were perfect for surfers. We saw tons of board riders out in the water during the day, and it looked like beginners and experts alike were enjoying the water. Pack your shell bag, too, because we found tons and tons of gorgeous seashells. We love searching for shells, and we pick our very favorite one to bring home and add to our collection.

Add these two parks to your list for your next visit to the Space Coast. You’ll skip the crowds, and your little ones will love these spots.

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