Take Your Kids to Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park

Northern Virginia is home to many places to visit for stunning landscapes and hiking trails. Among them, one of our favorites has been Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park.


Yes, the history is epic, as this was the sight of the largest Civil War battle in Loudoun County. But, the views and landscapes are just as grand.

There is a big parking lot near the entrance.

We took the Cogswell Trail down to the River Trail. There is a cart path that is stroller-friendly, but I didn’t see an option that got us down to the riverbank.


My almost 3-year-old walked the path without issue, and the look on her face when she saw the river ahead was too cute. We took our picnic blanket and sat down for lunch before exploring some downed trees and throwing sticks in the water.


On the way back, we stopped by the smallest National cemetery in the United States and enjoyed a quick peek out over the bluff.


My daughter’s favorite part was the painted rock we found on the trail.

Ball’s Bluff will be a long time favorite of ours, and I love that it is hidden away in a suburban community in Loudoun County.

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