The Best Bicycle for a Busy Mom

We’ve become a family of cyclists. I can’t believe I just said that because I never thought it would be true. But we all love riding bicycles together, and I’ve been researching the best bike for the kids and me. Since I haven’t been riding that long, I was excited to find the Buzz Charter F folding electric bike. It gives me the extra help I need when my kids outride me and want to keep going. This is the perfect bike for any busy mom looking to get out and explore on two wheels.  

So, why an electric bike

  1. It’s fun! – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked my husband to hang out with the kids while I grab a quick ride. Before I picked out my Buzz E-bike, I couldn’t go out for a quick ride very often because we live on a mountain. Fifteen minutes into a significant incline, and I was exhausted. Now I can turn on one of the three levels of assist, which makes pedaling so much easier and allows me to ride for longer! It’s so much fun, and I look forward to my “me time” on my bicycle.  
  1. You can go the extra mile – let’s face it, after a long day of mom life, sometimes I’m tired. My kids, however, never run out of energy. When they’re on their bikes with the wind in their hair, they never want to stop riding. After an hour, I click the pedal assist ‘on’ button on my handlebars, and I’m good to go for much longer. I love knowing I don’t have to quit, and I can say “yes” when my kids want to keep going. 
  1. The exercise – Yes, my Buzz E-bike offers three levels of assistance and seven gears, but I still get such a great workout. You still have to pedal when the assist is turned on, and I only turn it on when I feel like I need a boost. Otherwise, the Buzz Charter F rides like a traditional bike!
  1. The “whoa” factor – Before I rode my Charter F electric bike for the first time, I’d never tried an e-bike before. The bicycle has some serious kick! As soon as you start pedaling, the assist kicks in, and you can really feel it right away. It’s cool! 

If you are a busy mom with very little time for yourself, you need to buy a Buzz E-bike as soon as possible. It’s the perfect mix of exercise, fun and fantastic.    

Now, down to the details. When my bike arrived, I completed three easy steps to set it up. Unfold and lock everything into place, install the pedals and adjust the seat height. It’s that easy to fold up, too. And it weighs as much as my youngest kiddo (just under 40 lbs.), so it’s pretty easy for me to load up into the back of our van. 

Your purchase gives back in a big way, too. For a limited time,$50 of each purchase will adopt an Operation Honey Bee beehive. Each donation helps save pollinators and the environment. You will even get a jar of honey from your adopted hive. 

Now that I have my Buzz Charter F e-bike, my adventures are not as limited as they used to be and I’m always eager for the next. 

You can use checkout code TODDLIN4BUZZ for $100 off a Buzz purchase (limit one per household). As an added bonus, a Buzz purchase can help you teach your family about sustainability because with each purchase of a new Charter F e-bike, $50 of the total purchase price will go toward adopting an Operation Honey Bee beehive through their Adopt-a-Hive program. You’ll then receive a jar of honey from your hive!

Join the fun, and don’t forget to tag @BuzzBicycles and use #BuzzThroughLife when you post your cycling adventures.

This blog was written in partnership with Buzz Bicycles.

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