The Best Fidget Toy, According to a Veteran Mom

No, I’m not sharing a list of random things to pack for your next road trip. Instead, this article is 100% dedicated to the Shashibo Cube. Seriously!

I stumbled across this fidget toy in one of the deal groups I follow on Facebook. It was a few dollars off around the holidays, but I skipped it because I didn’t think it was worth $21 ($25 retail price). Let me tell you; I’d spend a lot more on this shapeshifting marvel now.

When I first opened our Shashibo Cubes, I gave one to each of my kids (ages 6, 6, and 4). I figured they’d flip it around for a few minutes and leave it on the kitchen table. I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

My three little ones played with their Shashibo Cubes for an hour and ten minutes straight. I’m sure it would have gone on for a while longer, but I had to stop them for bedtime.

I have no idea why this magic cube is so addicting, but since we started playing with ours, my husband and I can’t put them down either.

Also, I added one of the fidget cubes to a recent birthday gift. And when the birthday boy opened it, all the boys standing around the table went nuts. Who knew? They went on and on about how they had one, and it was their favorite toy.

We now have a dedicated drawer in our kitchen for our Shashibo Cubes. We take them in the car. We take them to church when everyone needs to sit quietly. We take them to a doctor’s appointment. We take them just about everywhere these days.

Buy more than one to make tons of cool shapes

I’ve heard from other moms that these cubes help kids with ADD and ADHD. I’ve also heard they’re calming for neurodiverse children as well. They help me calm down. I know that much.

If you don’t believe me, check out the 28,000+ reviews on Amazon. People can’t get enough of these awesome fidget cubes.

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