The Best Kid-friendly Rock Climbing Adventure in Pennsylvania

We’ve recently been hiking and rock scrambling at least a few times per week, and I wanted to let the kids try rock climbing, but I know absolutely nothing about it. Safety was my first concern, and a great first experience for the kids was my second. Since we spend as much time outside as possible, I also didn’t want to start in a climbing gym. With my must-have list in hand, I took to an online search and found Adventure Explorations in Pennsylvania.  

The team of certified guides offers everything I wanted and more. They provided all of the gear for the kids and me; yes, I got to climb and rappel. We started on a kid-friendly rock wall to allow for essential safety lessons and first-climb moments. They even took photos so we could enjoy the moment without any distractions.

I loved the top three things the kids had to remember. 

  1. Keep it safe
  2. Keep it respectful (of nature)
  3. Keep on learning

They checked off my list of must-haves with that list.

My son (age 4) did three climbs and a rock scramble. He had such a great time with Cody and Jonathan, our guides. I watched him gain so much confidence and independence during our half-day adventure. My youngest daughter (age 3) did one climb, and for her age, she was very focused and had a great time. She was happy with one run and spent the rest of the day digging in the nearby dirt with her sister that preferred to stay on the ground.

After our climb, we all went back to the trailhead parking lot for a fantastic locally-sourced tailgate lunch. And when I say local, I mean it. We got to try food and drinks from these great places.

  • Crimson Chrisp Apple from Paulus Mt. Airy Orchards – Dillsburg PA
  • Farmhouse Bread – Talking Breads- Mechanicsburg PA
  • Apple Cider – Three Springs Fruit Farm – Aspers PA
  • Moonpies + Onion – Oak Grove Farms, Mechanicsburg PA
  • Green Peppers – Half Acre Homestead, Mechanicsburg PA
  • BBQ Sauce – Dr. Doug’s Blues & Q, Mechanicsburg PA
  • Butter – Apple Valley Creamery, East Berlin PA
  • Kielbasa – Warrington Farm, Dillsburg PA 

And all of our plates, cups, forks, etc., were 100% compostable. You can shop small, support local and live green in a big way when you book one of these family-friendly adventures. 

We decided to try rock climbing during our visit, but Adventure Explorations offers hiking, kayaking, fishing and more. I’m sure you can find an adventure your whole family will enjoy together. 

Please tell them, Angelica, from Toddlin’ Across America sent you. I hope you have an incredible adventure!

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