The Best Pigeon Forge Show for Little Kids

We decided to splurge on a show for the whole family during our recent visit to Pigeon Forge, TN. My kids are five, five (twins) and four-year-old, so we were careful to pick a show that would keep everyone’s interest. We landed on Pirate’s Voyage Dinner & Show, and I’m happy we chose this one for our first family theater experience. 

The Food

The tickets are pretty pricey, so I kept my fingers crossed my kids would eat the food. They did! Now, I will say, the portions were huge, and my little ones couldn’t begin to finish it all. But they did eat some of everything, and we all enjoyed the meal. The menu included creamy vegetable soup, bread, fried chicken, corn, roasted potato, and an apricot pastry when we visited. They offered soda, tea, lemonade and water right after we sat down. 

The Show

The Pirate’s Voyage show did not disappoint. We enjoyed the back and forth between the Saphhire and Crimson pirates. My youngest daughter was mesmerized by the acrobatics, and my oldest daughter loved the sea lions. It seemed like they followed the storyline, and they enjoyed cheering for our pirates. 

In the middle of the show, Davey Jones “appears” from below via a holographic-like display. Glow-in-the-dark skeletons join him. This part was scary for my sensitive daughter, and she hid her eyes. Just keep in mind, this part could make for some bad dreams. Other than that, everything was fun, full of energy and kept everyone engaged. 

The Experience

We booked our tickets through, and we had to pick up the vouchers at the welcome center the day before the show. If there is a printable option, I would look for that. One less step, right? 

Masks weren’t required, and I didn’t see any guests wearing a mask. A few of the actors wore masks, but only for short periods during the show. So if you want a 100% mask-free experience, this isn’t it as of mid-October 2021.    

We waited in line for about 15 minutes before we headed to our seats. And we were assigned a specific section. All of the ushers helped us find our row. Our server, Olga friendly and attentive, and she asked my kids to be a part of the show by chasing ducks. Two out of three said yes, and it was an enjoyable experience.  

I highly recommend this show as a first theater experience for your little ones. You’ll all love it. 

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