Thousand Trails Review: Virginia Landing RV Campground

If you are looking for a campground near Virginia’s eastern shore, and you want to use your Thousand Trails camping pass, then Virginia Landing is the perfect spot. We loved staying at this campground so much; it was worth the hour drive to Cape Charles and Kiptopeke State Park. The remote location made for a relaxing and quiet family getaway.

We stayed at this campground after the COVID-19 lockdown lifted, so the pool and playground were closed as a precaution, but the bayside view from the pool would be spectacular when it reopens. Across from the pool, there is an old pier they’re rebuilding, but you can still see the epic sunset from that spot every night.

Our campsite didn’t have any shade, but there was plenty of room for all of us. We asked for a fire ring, and the staff member said we could grab one off of an empty site.

Across from the bathhouse and laundry room, there is a muddy spot where my kids found tiny crabs every night. It was so much fun! Pack little nets and buckets for your little ones to use for crabbing.

Most days, we drove about an hour to visit Cape Charles beach or Kiptopeke State Park. Both are beautiful and neither was very crowded. One day, we went to Assateague National Seashore to see the wild ponies, lighthouse and seashore. It was crowded and full of mosquitoes, but it was still worth the drive over. Your National Park Pass will allow you to get in for free; otherwise, there is a per car fee.

We enjoyed this campground, and we’ll definitely visit again.

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