Our love of hiking started with our little ones. Honestly, we aren’t really outdoorsy people, but our kids are and always have been. They love to be outside, and I do my best to encourage that as much as I can.

My kids call Sugarloaf Mountain “white mark mountain” because they love searching for the trail markers.

We usually start our hikes in one of two places, the bottom of the mountain just outside Sugarloaf Mountain winery (kid-friendly, by the way) or at the East View.

The bottom of the mountain has a few parking spots, and you can walk past some adorable photo ops on your way to the white trail.

We follow the white trail until it meets the road and turn around. I think it is about a half mile round trip, and the twins have been hiking the entire loop since they were 3 years old.

On days when we have more time, we ride up to the East View and enjoy a picnic together while we take in the beautiful Maryland farmland.

There are quite a few different trails that start at the East View. We’ve only hiked one of them and we all had a great time. Be sure to grab a trail map on your way up the mountain. It really helped us figure out which trails worked for all of us.

If your Littles need a potty break, the East View has some port-a-potties available. Further down the mountain, we stopped at the West View but only once. It needs some love, but it is still very picturesque.

Next time you are looking for a family-friendly hike, head to Sugarloaf Mountain in Dickerson, MD. It is well worth the drive.

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