Top 4 Must See Spots at Trough Creek State Park

You’re driving into a new park with tons of natural beauty, and it is hard not to try to see it all. If you have limited time, it is tough to know where to start. That’s what I felt when we visited Trough Creek State Park, so I thought I’d share our must-see attractions for the whole family.

Our top 3 stops are on the same hiking trail, making it easy to see each one in a short amount of time. Use the Alltrails app and search for Balanced Rock Viewing Area. The directions will take you right to the closest parking spot. Head up the trail to our first must-see stop, the suspension bridge.

I thought my kiddos would beg to be carried across the bridge, but they braved it like little champs. The gaps are unnerving, but it was fun to walk across it and feel the swaying. Watch out for big kids that try and rock the bridge as much as they can. We headed up the trail and off to stop number two, Rainbow Falls.

We loved this little waterfall because the kids and I could climb out on the rocks and take a few epic photos. The bench nearby made for the perfect spot to take a water break and listen to the beautiful water.

Climb up the slightly steep natural stairs to stop number three, balanced rock. Aside from the fun photo op, it is fun to see the enormous rock balanced precariously like it is. Everyone we saw tried to push it off. It was fun to watch. We also stopped there for our picnic lunch. Overall, this is a moderate hike, just over a mile.

Climb back in the car and head out to the fourth and final stop, Coperras Rock. My kids didn’t want to stop for this one, but they begged not to leave after we did. This place is so cool. The caves and rock formations formed by water out of a wall of rock are breath-taking. We all stomped across the creek and enjoyed exploring the area.

We spent 2-3 hours in this gorgeous state park. I can’t wait until we can go back and explore, but I’m glad we saw these four places.

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