Top 4 Reasons to Visit Wilson, NC

Planning a multi-generational family trip for kids, parents and grandparents can be a daunting task. Let me help you out. Head to Wilson, NC. You won’t have any trouble finding lots to do that everyone will enjoy, young and old alike. Here are the top 4 reasons you should book your trip and start making lifelong memories together.


1. Whirligig Festival
Travel to the heart of downtown Wilson, NC to take in this one-of-a-kind sight. Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park is home to Simpson’s artistic legacy and the festival honoring his beautiful folk art. We were all pretty awestruck by the art alone, but the festival activities surprised us with tons of kid-friendly activities, toe-tapping live music and delicious food.


The highlight of the day for Asher and I was the ride up in the bucket truck. After we got strapped into the harnesses, they lifted us up into the sky for a bird’s eye view of the whirligigs. The smile on his face was priceless.


We spent the weekend chasing my kiddos through the super cool bounce houses. My Littles mark most of our trips by the playgrounds and “jump jumps” we find along the way. It is beyond cute. We also had fun watching them test out their skills on the American Ninja Warrior course. I think there is a backyard course in the future.


And, last but not least, the food. We tried ribs, sausage with peppers and onions, Philly cheesesteak, fresh-cut chips, cotton candy, kettle corn and homemade cake. Every single bite was awesome.


2. Whirlirun 5K and 10K
My hubby decided to try his legs at his first official 5K. He might just try for the 10K next year. Maybe I’ll work my way up to the 5K but no promises. He really enjoyed the run especially at this time of year. The route was lined with beautiful fall-colored trees and the crisp morning air made for a great run. Each participant got a really nice medal as a souvenir of the experience.


He said the vibe was super fun and everyone was excited to just participate in the event. He didn’t feel any pressure to lead the pack, just enjoy the event with everyone else. It was a great introduction for him and the kiddos were super excited to cheer him on.


3. The Town
We spent most of our time at the Whirligig Festival, but we did enjoy a slow Sunday morning at Toisnot Park. This is a great family-friendly park with a few different playgrounds, a beautiful lake and lots of green space to run around and enjoy.


Grab your quarters from the car before you head out with a family picnic. You can buy food to feed the geese and ducks. The bridge across the lake is a great place to stop for a photo op and to just enjoy the view.


4. The Barbecue
I can’t tell you how many people told me we had to go to Parker’s Barbecue. I am so glad we listened. Before you get in line for a table, check to see if you have cash in your wallet. Parker’s is cash only. There is an ATM on-site if you need it. Now, onto the food. We all ordered the family-style meal for the table. The server brought out the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life (no seriously, the best), pork BBQ, boiled potatoes, corn sticks, hush puppies, Brunswick stew, coleslaw and we ordered French fries too.


Oh my goodness, we went way overboard. There was so much food! It was so yummy, and the restaurant was great for the kids. They handed out paper hats for them to wear and it was busy enough that they didn’t have to use their inside voices. Add this to your itinerary in Wilson, NC.


As always, we had a great time exploring a new town and meeting new people. Everyone we met was so nice and loved talking about the town and the Whirligigs. Plan your next family getaway to Wilson, NC for the 2020 Whirligig Festival. I can’t wait to hear all about it.


  1. I recently started doing business in Wilson. The Whirligig Park caught my eye when I first learned about the area. It’s definitely a unique attraction, I recommend others to check it out too.

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