Top 5 Must-Haves if you RV with Little Kids

We traveled part-time in our RV for over two years, and we decided to move into our rig full-time while we house hunt. I love that we can offer advice and opinions from both sides. It is overwhelming to think about what to pack for your kids when you’re prepping for an RV trip. I decided to share what we always have with us and why.  

Turkish Towels

I’ll admit I didn’t buy these until after we went full-time, but I wish I had way before that. These towels dry so fast, take up limited storage space and double as a beach towel too.


My kids are still little, so they mostly watch shows on TV. They don’t have devices or access to ours. Add to that; the internet isn’t always easy to come by on the road, so a well-rounded DVD collection is excellent for a rainy day. I bought this case and got rid of all the bulky boxes. If all else fails, you can usually get PBS with an antenna. 

All the building toys

Weekender or lifer, these toys are worth any available space you have. They’ll keep little kids entertained for hours. I’m amazed by how few toys my kids have now, but they go back to bristle blocks, magnatiles, wooden blocks, magnetic construction pieces and playdough over and over. Aside from a few outdoor things and their bikes, that’s it. 

Mats everywhere

I’m sure this depends on where you park your RV, but we’ve never stayed in a place that didn’t have a ton of dirt or sand. And, every time it rains, a ton of mud. Until recently, stylish mats didn’t exist, but I finally found one I love. It doesn’t matter what mat you get though, make sure you have the biggest one you can find complemented by a welcome mat and another welcome mat at the top of your stairs. You and your kiddos will forever be tracking in a mess.  

Somewhere to see your memories

We decided to get stickers from the places we visit, and the kids put them on the glass inside the bunkroom door. I also have a Polaroid camera, and I stick photos inside my closet door. Every time we stop to look at them, the kids share fun memories or tell me about things they learned. It is the best part of my week.

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