Week One: Multi-Generational Family of Six Full-Time in an RV

We moved into our RV full-time last week. What?!? I know, we never do anything the simple way, do we? After our house sold (unexpectedly), we decided to hit the road until we figure out what’s next. Week one is in the books, and we learned a lot in a short time. Keep scrolling for all the juicy details. They aren’t what you’d expect.

You bump into people and things a lot. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is true. The kids are always running over one another. I keep stubbing my toes on random things, and the adults are sick of saying, “excuse me.” to one another. The smaller space takes some getting used to as you travel back-and-forth across 40 feet.

Getting dressed is so much easier. We brought a decent amount of clothes because we have awesome storage in our RV. But, we packed about 20% of what we used to own. The interesting part is I know that I like everything in my closet, and I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear. I’m happy wearing all of it. The same goes for picking out my kids’ clothes. I love everything in their drawers, so we just grab-and-go.

[su_pullquote]You always have to be prepared to spend most of the day outside.[/su_pullquote] When we get to Florida, this one will be easy, but in Tennessee, we are freezing. My kids don’t mind the cold, and they’re happy to stay out exploring all day. Meanwhile, my teeth start chattering after about an hour. Staying in the RV is a last resort usually brought on by yucky weather. Otherwise, we throw on our shoes and head outdoors most days.

Everyone is happier with less. It has become clear that my kids don’t need so many toys. I had baskets full of random beauty supplies that I never intended to use. And, apparently, I still buy too many super soft blankets even when I don’t have space to store them. I guess I’ll never have enough of those.

If someone in your rig is messy (like my kids), you’ll spend a lot of time picking up and organizing things. Now, this isn’t any different than it was in my home – a.k.a sticks and bricks – but there is nowhere to hide the mess in an RV. It just isn’t an option to close a door or ignore it.

You always feel a little lost, but it is fun. You have to find a nearby grocery store and a local Walmart. At the same time, you get to find tons of new places to explore as a family. We felt like we had to bring absolutely everything with us when we sold our home. We quickly realized you can still shop at most of the same places and get what you need when you need it.

[su_pullquote]It is all worth it.[/su_pullquote] Life on the road is unique and wonderful and full of new experiences and a lot of fun. Some people move every few days, some stay in one area for months. Some fulltimers like to boondock (no hookups), while others like to stay in fancy resorts. However you choose to live on wheels around the clock, you’ll make it your own and enjoy (almost) every minute.

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