What You’ll Need to Take Your Child Fishing

My son took up a serious fishing obsession last year, and I thought it would end pretty quickly. But, surprisingly, he’s still obsessed, and we’ve learned a lot of young anglers and the equipment they need. Over the last year, we’ve slowly built up his collection of tackle, rods and random gear, and I’m happy to share what I’d buy again and what I’d skip. Let me add, I do not know the terminology, I’m just a supportive mama, so I’ll share the exact products.  

The Rod

We started with a kid’s rod, and it lasted one thirty-minute fishing trip. It gets tangled constantly, and the cast is very short and shallow. It will frustrate your kiddo more than help them. Skip the super cheap rods, and go to a reel with a cast button vs. a traditional rod where you flip the metal piece back and forth. If your child is like mine, they love to reel in a catch more than anything else. So, we’re going to try an ultra-lite rod next. It feels like you’re fighting a massive fish, even if you’re reeling in tiny bluegill.  

Bait and Tackle

Honestly, stick to a tub of nightcrawlers and a couple of bobbers for the first few trips to the lake. After that, I highly recommend taking a trip to a local bait shop or Bass Pro Shops for a quick lesson. The workers are helpful for newbies and what you’ll need in a small tackle box. My son loves the Mystery Tackle Box. I have no idea what all the different lures are for, but he’d rather come home with one of these than something from the toy aisle.     

The Best Bag Ever

OK, so my husband ridiculed me mercilessly over buying this fishing gear bag. Now, he thinks it is the best thing ever. He and my son often walk a reasonable distance to the lake or pond they frequent. It gets old lugging around all of the equipment, bucket, tackle box and snacks, of course. Trust me on this one, buy this bag.    

The Clothes

In most cases, your kids don’t need to wear anything special to go fishing. I bought my son a rash guard and gaiter to protect him on super sunny days. It is essential for pier fishing. We learned that the hard way. 

That’s it! Yes, I know my son will need more gear if he keeps fishing, but overall, the startup costs are minimal, and the fun is endless. I’ve been surprised at how he’ll sit and fish for hours. He’s learned a lot of patience, and at only five years old, he asks to watch educational videos to learn more and more about fishing. 

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