Which Plants Are Best for Your RV

Low light conditions can be challenging for anyone who loves to have plants indoors. Even plants that typically do well when they’re in the shade outdoors tend to need a bit more light when you bring them inside, and it can be difficult to provide the auxiliary light it needs. However, some plants thrive in low light conditions – these are the ones you want for your camper or RVs.

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Photo by Linnea Hansen on Pexels.com

Pro Tip: Indoor low light plants tend to do fine in rooms that face east or west and have a window – but in an RV you never know which direction you’ll be parking in. That said, it can be difficult for even those shade-hardy plants in areas that don’t have any windows or where the windows face north. You can get your plants to thrive in situations such as this by putting them under artificial light for a few hours daily.

Here’s a quick look at a few plants that will do great in your camper or RV.

Lucky Bamboo

If you’re trying to redecorate your RV, you might be looking for plants to make it feel cozier and to improve the air quality. Lucky bamboo can be grown in either soil or water and doesn’t need too much light. These plants are a critical element of the practice of feng shui and are said to bring fortune and good luck – especially when received as gifts. They’re also known for being extremely resilient. They prefer a bit of light but will also thrive in areas that are nearly all shade. Just ensure they’re not put in drafty areas and keep them away from pets. They need moderate to excessive moisture.

Spider Plants

This houseplant is one of the easiest to grow and most adaptable. It’s called a spider plant because of its spider-like offshoots. They’re called spiderettes and tend to hang down from the parent plant, sort of akin to spiders on their web. You can put these in hanging baskets or pots. They’ll live for quite a long time in conditions where they get less than ideal lighting and even in artificial light. Just be sure you water them on a regular basis to keep the soil from getting dried out.

Golden Pothos

This plant thrives in conditions that are unsuitable for most other plants. These include a nearly completely dry environment and extremely low light. Pothos are quite a popular houseplant because they’re durable, attractive, and easy to grow vines with smooth, heart-shaped, and leathery leaves. Some of the varieties feature leaves that have a distinctive marbling and stems that are long and akin to ropes. If you choose to have this plant in your RV, be sure you loosen and dust their vines every once in a while to keep them from turning into a tangled mess. These plants need moderate water.

Most campers and RVs don’t offer a lot of space for houseplants. However, when you want to feel at home while you’re on the road, nothing helps more than a plant or two. Since campers and RVs can also be a little stuffy, plants can help by cleaning and improving the quality of the air. 

Plants like Golden Pothos, Spider plants, and lucky bamboo are all good choices for RVs and campers because they are easy to care for and don’t need to have an extreme amount of light. Brighten up your RV or trailer with one of these today, and you won’t regret it.

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