You Should Make Your House Work for You Now

We have had our house on the market multiple times for multiple reasons, and the result is a generic house design that works for just about anyone that walks through the door. Here’s the problem. It doesn’t work for us. I finally decided to move things around and make it work for us. Here’s what happened.

Side note: our house doesn’t look like something out of a magazine. We live here!

2020 meant homeschool for us and distance learning for many. Either way, it meant we needed to rethink what school would look like daily. Previously the playroom, I decided to turn my natural light-filled morning room into our one-room schoolhouse. I doubt a home decor magazine would choose that space for our schoolwork, but it works really well for us, so we did it.

So, what to do with all those toys? My kids’ toys drive me nuts! Our entire main floor has slowly turned into the playroom because our kids enjoy them all over the house. I had to find a better solution. I had a chat with my husband, and we decided to move his office upstairs and the playroom into the old office on the main floor. Again, this isn’t a traditional design for the main floor, but it worked for us. Now, I can close the playroom door at night, and my husband has a quiet space to work on the top floor. We call it the penthouse, so it seems a little fancy!

Our office moved upstairs into the laundry room. What?? I know it sounds crazy. But it turns out it is a good space marriage. My husband’s desk faces two light-drenched windows, and I don’t miss the access to the laundry room since I do most of our laundry in the evenings. The point is, it works for us.

The home that we’ve lived in for eight years finally works for our family. If we decide to put our house on the market again, we’d probably have to shift things around, and I’m willing to do that when the time comes. For now, I’m happy in our bespoke space. We’re all pleased with the changes. I’d love to hear about how you’ve made your home work for your family.

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